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  1. I appreciate the response. I'm doing a 12.5% tca peel tomorrow I'll be going up in strength after a couple lower percentage peels.
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to share my pictures and see what other's think and which procedures I should get done. Pictures really don't do the scars justice, as they look better in the pictures than IRL. I did take them in harsh lighting at certain angles. Anyways, I will most likely get Subcision with filler, or use suction.
  3. @beautifulambition Do you think that TCA peels would work on his deeper scars? I have scars in the exact same area of my cheek that are about that depth. I've done TCA years ago, but it was too long ago to remember if there was any improvement. I've used the derminator a few times with little success (10-15% improvement).
  4. I feel hard for you man. My scars are extremely similar to yours, and in the EXACT same area. None on my facial hair, very mild on my temple, but all over my cheeks. I did needling about 7 years ago, I think 3 times with the single needle and it helped a little bit. Also did TCA 25% and it did help with skin texture. I did two more needling sessions with the derminator over the past 6 months and I think they helped a little bit, maybe a 10-15% improvement. Honestly, laser will not do anyth
  5. I would try the website called owndoc, just do a simple google search for own doc, i think the owner of the sites name is sarah vaughter. She sells single needles in her store. They are 2mm in length which is perfect.
  6. Luckily we have google translation, here is the website in english: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...n%26prmd%3Divns
  7. looks promising, its either this or subcision suction that i'd try
  8. 80% is so much better than anything else out there.
  9. This is almost the full cure for acne scars, yet people are not paying attention. Over 80% in improvement is better than everything else out there. I wont let subcision-suction go down the drain in this forum. For some reason this always happens, something good comes out, and it secretly disappears like always.
  10. That actually looks like something that would work!
  11. Its still around theres actually something new that recently came out of testing called Subcision Suction, and its very effective! But I cannot find anywhere doing it. I'm pretty sure the reason most places wont do Subcision is because we all know it works somewhat on atrophic scars and doctors want people to put their money towards lasers which do nothing except make them very very rich. Which is why I will never do a laser on my face unless its proven to work good, which will never happen ever
  12. I wonder if theres a suction device I can buy somewhere?
  13. I'm not letting this thread die...