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  1. Hi, sorry about the long wait, I still don't have internet in my new place. Everyone has different skin, but Differin was a last resort for me before trying Accutane. I even lied to my derm saying i've used Differin before, but she put me on it. I was unhappy about this and even more unhappy about waking up every morning with pimples all over my face. But it's a 3 months thing. i'd say try it. I think the tetraysal worked very well also, i'm on 2 tablets a day, see if you can get put on that?
  2. Thank you I stopped the Duac quite early on as I didn't think it was doing much. I read that some people had sucess but since the dermatologist didn't tell me to be on Duac I thought he knew best and just stopped. The Differin does take a while, it took me almost dead on three months for me to actually see a difference. Good luck
  3. Big_joe

    Cleared my skin after just 3 months after 2 and a half years of suffering with acne. Dry skin. I've suffered with acne for 2 and a half years and it's been hell. I was prescribed this 3 months ago, along with Tetraysal tablets and a Panoxyl face wash. I'm 100% clear now and thanks to this. It does dry out your face at first so use a moisturiser. I used Nivea sensitive moisturiser which took out the redness and I could walk around without a bright red face. Amazing product, not many pe
  4. 3 Months 8 days - Hey guys, I can't tell you how much my life has changed. Its safe to say that i'm pretty much 100% clear. (Touch wood it stays that way) I can't believe how well this has worked, I highly reccomend it. I'm amazed with the process. It's turned my life around. The tablets also seemed to give me quite a tan aswell, which i've looked online and others have. I like to be tanned anyway and it gives me a bit of colour and people have asked me if i've been on the tanning beds lol.
  5. 2 Months 22 days - WOW! ...Just... wow! I moved house and had no internet (I'm in an internet cafe now) so I apologise for not replying. But my face has cleared up SO much! Its not 100% but its the most clearest i've seen it. I'm just so happy with it. If no ones tried it before, I highly reccomend it! over 2 years i've suffered with acne and now I can actually enjoy life. I threw my 'covering face' hat in the trash and I now can smile. I've went out with my old friends who thought I abandone
  6. 1 Month 31 daysI guess i spoke to soon. I woke up this morning with three new big spots, one on either cheek and another one on my chin. I guess it's back to wearing the hat which covers up most of my face again.
  7. 1 month 29 days Today is one of the best days I've had in over 2 years, I decided to take pictures to compare from the last time heres my left cheek: http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/5013/p7050571.jpg And here's my right cheek: http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/5016/p7050572.jpg You can check the difference between the pics on this post and my last, would you believe it's only been 4 days . What have I changed? I stopped moisturising. Yep, I just used the Panoxyl wash in the morning and t
  8. Hmm. Probably around month 2 or so. But it all depends on your acne. Mine was mild so that's probably why? Mild in comparison to most of the people on here anyway. Thanks for your reply, i'm just 6 days away from the 2 month mark and keep stressing that my face hasn't gone any better, just worse. On my log (In my signature), I said it went better one day and the next day it went even better and then even better and on the 4th day it started getting worse. I am just really stressing that
  9. Quick question, when did you first start noticing good results?
  10. 1 Month 25 - Turns out it's not getting better. I just took a picture of my acne and i'm disgusted with the results. Heres a picture: Right cheek: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1283043609/gallery_93528_11149_164087.jpg Left cheek: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1283043609/gallery_93528_11149_289346.jpg I don't even know what it is, is it acne or acne scars? it's always bright red as if i've just been slapped in the face! It seems to only look okay at about 11pm at night.
  11. It's not spots, it's not scars. Arghhh....
  12. 1 month, 21 days - My face has been really weird these past few days. I decided to start using Duac again but only every couple of days. Like every 3 days or so. It started getting better and better and it's not as bad on my jawline no more and it went really well to the part where I thought "It' going to clear" and then it gradually went worse leaving me with lots of tiny whiteheads and about 3 big ones on my cheek. Which I popped. That was 2 days ago, and now it seems to be getting better agai
  13. 1 Month 11 days (6 weeks 2 days): Feels like forever. My face has had a huge breakout. The worst it's ever been. All over my cheeks right down to the chin. There are bright red zits and ones that just won't pop either. I squeeze them and what seems to be oil is coming out. One that I popped yesterday has become orange and still pussing even after drying my face. A hour a go I dried my face, went back to the mirror to see if it had calmed down and it was leaking, not much about one drip but stil
  14. I never used to actually say it to people. I just used to think it. I was like 13 at the time, I couldn't help what I thought, It was just one of them things. I look in the mirror and see the same thing I used to see on them and still feel disguted. Also, thank you to the above people who posted. I've always been paranoid about my looks, always wanted to fit in and always trying to improve myself, but this isn't one of them things I can control, like with teeth. I know A LOT people have it WA