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  1. If your multivitamin contains Iodine It is the likely cause of a breakout.
  2. Spot on it's 6.5mg zinc. Honestly even at 3-4 tabs of gluconate your not going to get much result. I would go and get 50mg zinc as zinc citrate, optizinc or picolinate.
  3. L-optizinc or zinc citrate. Zinc oxide is very poorly absorbed and is not recommended.
  4. Ive suffered moderate acne for years, I'm 21 and thankfully growing out of it. However I'm sure your aware even just a couple of spots a week can cause distress. Here's what has worked for me to keep me 100% clear... Zinc. I've taken 15mg optizinc, 50mg zinc citrate, 30mg zinc picolinate and probably lots more formulations through out the years. Optizinc and citrate were both incredibly effective at reducing oily skin by about 50%. Cystic acne on my forehead disappeared and pimples healed super
  5. Does this help scars? Maybe 800iu per day?
  6. Yup it's decent stuff. 22mg twice a day is fine.
  7. Has anyone taken Alpha Lipoic Acid oral and noticed any benefit for Scars? Im hearing this nutrient can help if taken in 250mg-500mg dosage range. Regards
  8. Don't be silly. Green tea is not a drug. Keep drinking it, it's good for you.
  9. I would suggest 5-HTP supplements for mood/stress. Try 100mg in the morning to start with and work upto 300mg daily if needed. Available from most places that sells vitamins/herbals. This has a clinically relevent action on mood and because its an amino acid and not a herb it should not interact with your birth control.
  10. Yes Saw Palmetto interacts with birth control by making it less effective. St Johns Wort SHOULD NOT be taken with birth control pills due to severe herb-drug interactions. Source - My Job!
  11. Has anyone taking Zinc before bedtime experienced Insomnia? Im taking 30mg of L-OptiZinc and can't sleep....
  12. I read so much good stuff about Omega 3 fish oil but after a week of taking a moderate dosage i broke out worse and had to discontinue.
  13. Has anyone used Turmeric in food or supplements as a treatment for Acne? Any positive results?