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  1. hey girls.. and boys. guess whos back with a brand new rap? its paige. yes me. did you miss me? how is everyone? matthew update: we did the deed... yes the deed. cough. i hope everythings good with everyone. i miss you guys all so much its been ages. i just have been so preocupied with everything. schools pretty hectik and my parents are nagging and my hormones are all over the place with the long stream of boys appearing from the depths of the school bus. but none compare to matthew.. h
  2. hahahahha he was running around naked hahahah hellooo all i tried to reply a few days ago but the computer was being gay so i just didnt bother re typing it those photos are so pretty! awwwwww i wish i was good at soemthing or liked something p.s. theres a new boy in my life (how corny does that sound haha) his name is anthony and he wears converse high tops like me, and he has black hair and blue eyes and lives like 5 mins walk and oh yes and like cuz we just met we're not going out yet but..
  3. hello yall haha arnt you all going to be very strict mothers when you have kids. the legal age is 18 but i didnt have that much!!... okay yes i did... but compared to my friends who drink every weekend (even at school) and smoke marijuana and have sex with random guys (more like headjobs but hey) im actually quite a good kid because i do none of the above bonds stuff here is very cheap. all my undies and singlets and bras are bonds. and yes they sell ugg boots here and i hate it. during winter
  4. heyyaaa hahah christina that made me laugh out loud hysterically about the baskin n robins rocky road icecream.. haha funny funny. frankie girrrlll.. those bright lights freaked me out too. its took me a while to get over my fear of them.. but iwas just overly paranoid. i couldnt go out in daylight i was that psycho! its good to hear that you had a good time being funky. i was funky today i went to the beach and was all hip with my bonds singlet and thongs. trust the aussie, trust. to answe
  5. hey everyone not back yet still cruisin in qld but on the net again. haha christina i tell you whats funny? i have never ever heard of the tribe! shows how australian australian t.v. shows are. but im kinda t.v. illiterate i dont watch it much im more a musical person. YEAH ELLEN WE CAN MAKE THEM HAVE FREAKY NAZI BABIES AND THEN WE CAN GO TO THE CHILD PROTECTION AGENCIES AND TELL THEM THAN ANTSI ANTWON AND MOPHEAD MATTEW HAVE BEEN HURTING THE KIDDIES! THEN THEY SHALL BE IN BIG TROUBLE! im sooo
  6. hello darlings miss me? i am still in the providence of the state known as queensland, but ill be back soon. im currently using my big sisters lap top. im so naughty its 12.40 am... which is 1.40 a.m in sydney time. tsk tsk on me again! ohhh girlies theres so much gossip t catch up on. still no matthew knews... i think he thinks i have cancer and im going to die. somehow he got that in his head and i think hes trying not to get too involved with me incase i cark it. arnt i just putting everyth
  7. ellen i feel sad dont be sad the *TaNe PoSsZe GiRLz* are here to help you! i hope your feeling better. i was here.. but every time i cam eto the message board no one had written anything so i didnt really want to write anything because it would be ablout matthew. and about matthew.. well im not sure. hes stopped talking to me.. like last time. he blocked me on msn, he wont answer the phone, return my messages. im so unwanted... i dno.. ill get over it.. in MAYBE 2 YEARS OR SO. fack. i tell
  8. hm... well considering hes only kissing his girlfriend right.. maybe he should ask his girlfriend if recently she had a cold sore and find out that way.. OR i know some people who get rashes and pimples near their mouth because they shave and then they get ingrown hairs.. think outside the box.
  9. hello somehow i feel disowned where is everyone? well its christmas here today and guess what i didnt get presents from santa how NICE while my brother got a playstation 2 and a remote control plane and all this other junk. i was upset it wasnt nice but oh well i guess i deserve it being the rebellious child i am swearing at my parents and causing havoc wherever i may go hey guess what.. todays me and matthew's one month today woah shit its so stupid.. weve seen each other once it reminds me of
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT haha wee cake cake cake! merry christmas! yay! hooorah! i wish i was open with my mum like that. me and her never talk unless its fighting oh terrible teens do do do do i dont feel like writing much matthew was meant to come over to my house today first time but he dogged it so im a little taddish upsettish oh wellllllllll hmm thank you for the flowers! ive never been given flowers before how sad is that o well im gunna go cya's later keepi
  11. woo hellooo well let me start by saying FRANKIE YOUR DECORATIONS LOOK AWESOME! i used to be into all the spirit and putting up tinsel or whatever but ive become a sad little girl recently so im not into that stuff yeh its weird.. my friends do look alot older but oh wellly wells hahah ellen i was laughing my head off at your little talk about how you going to become an oat and your sisters going to become a spaghetti noodle thats funny your such a guy magnet where do you find all these males? i
  12. howdyy most of those girls in the pictures are turning 16 next year.. so they turned 15 this year. im a youngin. i got my report back today! aye aye aye 2 a's... 1 c, 2 d's and the rest b's out of 13 subjects.. sooo haha like 8 b's wee hee not good my parents had a spaz at the d's oh well i didnt like my teacher matthew matthew... what ever shall i do yes well i gave matthew this diary (my school one) and it had all this stuff about him in there how i felt in a particular day etc. cuz hes always
  13. HEY DUUDDESS my friends started this fully sick website so go to it theres pics of me on there so you can see how fully sick i personally am! yayyy!!! wooo hoooo so hows it all going? matthew is being a turd still im going to luna park tomoro yay it hailed heaps there was like big chunks flying everywhere today the weather is crazy here! woo lets all rent a house and call it the frankie ellen christina paige household and we can have a white picket fence and a dog and a swing set very uneccesis
  14. aww thanks christina alot of people are sayind to dump him.. and i did the same night i wrote that last post (take note of how i said "ill hopefully see him tomoro" well hes all like "no i cant see you tomoro" so i told him it was over.. i couldnt be treated like this and he just wouldnt accept it hes like "well how bout we just do something next week then okay? lets forget that ever happened" im like "its always next week tomoro another day its never today... this isnt working we dont talk or
  15. you have to be 16 to get you L'S and other than that yeh whatever age aslong as above that how coooooool ellen hi hi! i quite agree with frankie's advice but i know how hard it would be just to like not talk to either maybe you could tell each of them something un true like you have a big hairy mole on your bum and see which one respects that and doesnt feel any difference towards you its a shit example im sure you can think of something better matthew is worried im going to kill myself. yeh r