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  1. Ok --- so I stuck it out and finished the course. I have about five days left --- I have been on 80 mg a day for the last two months of a six month treatment. I am 5'6 and weigh 120 lbs so I assume I am taking a heavy dose. My skin is now perfect. No bumps anywhere...it's a weird place to be to not have to deal with acne. I am 36 years old so I feel like it's about time to have clear skin....everyone deserves clear skin. I guess I am a little worried that once I stop my accutane that my skin is
  2. I had to fight with my insurance company as well...it sounds like you have crappy insurance. I had an attorney friend fax a threatening letter to the insurance company, and they started to act very nicely once they knew how serious I was. You could try that route or just go ahead and put a 'rush order' into a Canadian pharmacy. I personally would phone the Canadian pharmacy and explain the situation...they could probably put a rush on the order. Good luck....
  3. I am entering my fourth month of treatment...just finished up a pack of 40 mg Accutane pills. Obviously, Accutane is no longer made so I just picked up my Clavaris (60 mg a day this month). Should I expect anything different from Clavaris? Is it the exact same medicine? I am just a bit confused about the whole 'generic' thing --- I'd love to know more if anyone wants to help me out. So far I have been doing pretty well on Accutane - just dry lips. Also, does anyone have suggestions for eye drops
  4. Hey there...I am another Accutane user. I am in my third month (40 mg of Accutane). I haven't been hit too hard with side effects. If you don't mind me asking...how old are you? I am 36 and have struggled with skin issues for twenty years or so. It gets old. Anyways, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on the medicine. It feels good to know I am not the only woman out there popping these Accutane pills. Hope it's all worth it in the end....
  5. I am in my third month (currently on 40 mg) --- my face and neck are essentially clear, but my back is a ridiculous mess? It's a disaster....anyone else have essentially great facial skin and horrible back acne? Do I need to get some type of fancy treatment on my back? I would go out and buy special washes if they worked.... Anyone have tips/advice?
  6. I am entering my third month -- I finally relented and am taking this medicine. It has such an awful reputation, doesn't it? I was just wondering if other people feel more emotional on this medicine. I started at 10 mg, then 20 mg, and now I just started 40 mg today. Any other people on 40 mg a day and what are your experiences? I have been doing pretty well so far -- should I expect 40 mg to kill me with side effects? My face is pretty clear, but my back is still a mess. I was curious if other
  7. Thanks for responding....it's just that the package insert with the medicine makes me question why I would even consider taking it. It scares me. I know I am a wimp. Does everyone get muscle aches, etc.? I was reading that some people lose major amounts of hair -- it seems like there are so many horror stories out there. Just wanted to hear other people's experiences w/ side effects....
  8. I am 36 and have a case of very persistent mild/moderate acne. I think I have had acne since I was 11 or so. I have been on Accutane before, but it was a long time ago. So I started with a low dose...10 mg a day. I am only three days into it --- I am a nervous wreck about it. When I read the package insert, it freaks me out more than a little. I wanted to know if there are any 30 something year old women out there on this medicine? I feel very torn about taking it because of the possible side e
  9. I signed up all over again at the doctor on Sat. morning --- will start accutane in about one month after I do the waiting thing to prove I am not pregnant. I am about to turn 36 on wednesday -- are there any people on this medicine who are in their thirties or older? I am just wondering if other women in their thirties are battling skin issues when they are this age? It's more than a little annoying at this age -- or any age -- to deal with acne. Any people my age in this situation?????
  10. Hi everyone. I am going to my doctor Tuesday to try to 'reinstate' myself for this accutane medicine. I got kicked out of that stupid Ipledge program because I missed the window by a day. So I did about one month of 10 mg pills back in the winter and had to stop. I am so over all of the red tape to get this medicine here in the US. I am going to ask my doctor about ordering the medicine from a Canadian pharmacy with the prescription he gives me. I am so sick of dealing with acne...I turn 36 next
  11. Are there people on this site that are working out regularly while on this medicine? Do all people just stop working out while taking Accutane? Surely, there must be athletes that have taken this pill. Anybody have thoughts on this? Also, is anyone out there on a super low dose and what have your experiences been?
  12. I tell you that these message boards are a blessing and a curse. I finally broke down and took my first pill today. I will see the doctor tomorrow morning - they are starting me on 10 mg a day. I finally broke down today when my entire side of my neck was covered in very painful cysts. They were so painful and disgusting that I didn't even want to have lunch with a friend. It's amazing how our skin can get so crazy. I hope I can continue to work out on this medicine. I am a big time workout pers
  13. Just a couple more questions for any wonderful people who want to keep me informed....do people gain weight on accutane? Can most people continue to work out every day when they're on the med? It seems like there are so many people ranting and raving about body aches, muscle pain, hair falling out...are there people (like nutritiongal) who have been able to essentially get on with life without weight gain and major bodily pain?
  14. I am supposed to take my first 10 mg pill today at some point. I need more support and guidance. All I keep reading about are the body aches, nightmares, and all of the bad stuff people are experiencing on this medicine. I want clear skin so badly, but I don't want to go through hell to get it. Am I being a nut about this? Probably. Any tips before I swallow this first pill would be greatly appreciated. I work out everyday and love fitness so I cannot imagine stopping that. I used to model a lot
  15. Well...I can't believe I have to start accutane at 35, but my neck acne (of all places) has been so persistent that I am ready to pull my hair out. I am only doing 10 mg a day because my case is not so bad. I am SOOOO nervous about taking my first pill due to side effects that I am deathly afraid of. I am paranoid or what? I just have been dealing with acne since I was 12...and quite honestly, I'd like to celebrate my 36th bday with clear skin. I just need support from other people taking this m