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  1. I currently wash my face with Oxy face wash and apply retin-a micro afterwards. My doctore recommended a harsher cleanser because my face was so oily and because the bp kills bacteria. I seem to be doing ok with that combination.
  2. Are you using anything other than the retin-a? It's okay to use it on your neck if you want... Researchers generally consider four factors to be involved with acne formation: sebum (over)production, hyperkeratinization causing blocked follicles (i.e. dead skin cells block the hair follicle, creating microcomedones), presence/activity of P. acnes bacteria, and inflammation. Stubborn acne often needs a regimen that deals with more than one factor of acne formation, which means most people w
  3. Hi, so I'm currently on the 15th week of Retin-a Micro .04%. It seeems like over the last month my skin will do real good, like barely no breakouts, and then it will all a sudden breakout again. Though over the last few days I've noticed my forehead has broken out way more than usual. My cheeks are where most of the breakouts occur. My neck also breaks out too which is so embarassing. Should I not be putting this on my neck? I've been switching foundation brands like crazy also so could that be
  4. Yes, I really think my Almay smart shade foundation is breaking me out. This is so frustrating. Maybe I should just try concealor and setting power. What about primers? What are their main purposes? I like foundation for its polished look but not if its going to set me back more, no way then. I suppose I could go and spend even more money on make up and try a new foundation. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic but I just want this to be done. Also I have been really stressed out so I re
  5. Wow, yes, I think you've sold me on the product. A cure for oily skin, sounds like it should be too good to be true.
  6. You really think exfoliation and moisturizing has that much of an effect on acne? Even with oily skin should moisturizing be done?
  7. Oh and I found that everyday minerals seemed to break me out also. Does that seem possible?
  8. I've heard many people put jojoba oil on their skin. That name just sounds like it would clog your pores, I'm very worried about trying it. Do you wash it off afterwards? I guess I'd rather spend more, like for Clinque, if it will give the best results and not clog pores. Were you still breaking out with retin-a on your thirteenth week? I had been doing real the few weeks prior to that. I'm just trying to figure out if its the make up or the retin-a that is making me break out more than late
  9. Thank you both!! I never knew that exfoliation was such a key factor when using foundation. So using a washcloth would be fine for exfoliating? How often should I do it? I will have to give those foundations a try also. Maybe I'll try the exfoliating thing first before I switch foundations. My skin is also pale and oily. At the same time it sometimes gets flaky from the retin-a micro I'm using. I'm not using moisturizer either but some say you should even if you have oily skin, anyone's op
  10. So I've been trying to find a foundation that won't break me out. I have a lot of red scars. I wasn't getting much new acne but seem to be lately getting more than usual and I think it could be from my foundation. I've been using Almay smart shade. It blends so nice but doesn't provide enough coverage. I've been using Maybelline cover stick also. I currently have physicians formula mineral wear and neutrogen healthy skin enhancer. Would you advise any of those to use? Would Almay be contri
  11. I'm not too sure about Everday Minerals now. I have several new pimples since starting to wear it. Does combining a few different brands of make up on your face maybe cause that also? I just know that my face looked a lot better before I put Everyday on my face.
  12. I've never had neck acne until a few months ago. I think putting on acne medication contributed to it though I'm not sure. What do you guys suggest to get rid of it. I've been putting retin-a micro .04% and clindamycin gel on it. It seems to be improving but then I'll get another zit. I've been trying to be light on the medication because I think the neck is a really sensitive area. Maybe I'm still putting too much on.
  13. I got the mineral make up in the mail today. I'm very pleased so far. I was always skeptical that powder make up wouldn't do a good job covering up as liquid make up does. I find it blends so much better. I ordered the fair try me sample. I think I will try another shade next time because the fair shade seems to light. I'm worried that stay on as long, especially considering my skin doesn't hold any concealor on long, its just too oily. Anyone have really oily skin and use this make up? A
  14. I just know masks are good for your skin. I just want to do everything possible to help my skin stay clear.
  15. Well I did order a trial size of it. Maybe I'll wait a couple weeks, when the scars have faded quite a bit and my skin is really clear and then try it. I'll start the treatments infrequently, like one a week, or every other week, to see how it responds. Thanks for your advice.