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  1. People with acne usually hurt their skin, treat it worse than people without acne. Acne sufferes usually dont listen. Acne is a result of a lack of balance.
  2. Just to put this right there are very few antisemetic people in Germany especially anything agaisnt jews is viewed as severely inapprobiate som pleasedont spread rumors that germans still hate jews as a matter of fact almost all regret what happened and as a consequence reject war and yes also in Iraq and Afgahnistan!!
  3. Naaa we dont do that over here no flowers and stuff ima just have a real nice conversation and then have some fun with her in the night club
  4. Hey guys im real happy i finally have a date with a girl i admired for more than a year already its awesome!!! Well all I can say be confident u can get one too Shes so cute wish me luck ^^
  5. okay honestly you can tell he used to have very bad acne and I can more than understand his wish to finally being blessed with clear skin Ps: Your skin looks good now its and isolated pimple not too abd im having the same kind now ( way better than being red all over the face)
  6. First of all, I'd like to apologize to the author of this threat because it hasn't been discussed much ever since i stated my personal experience. Anyways, usually when i write something into a forum I just want to make a point, grammar and spelling are not all that important to me then. Therefore I simply jot down what I think and mistakes occur. Well, let's stop with this now though because I don't want this threat to become a mess. Personally I don't mind people stating their opinions/experie
  7. Okay my bad about the reasearch , i still think my enlish is pretty decent considering im not a native speaker
  8. no i did not do any researh this is what i heard a thousand times and what seems pretty true cobncerning me
  9. come on now this is bullshit this white spots are little bubbles (under the nail)caused by crashes (like sueezng a nail), that is why kids usually have them as they play rough and adults tent not to have them as much. I myself used to have them bad and once i sueezed my finger nail real har (bmx...) and i got like a huge white spot. Its got nuttin to do with viotamins!!
  10. I think alot of people here get me wrong. I guess im jsut really shy with girls i really like and therefore always mess it up. Seriously, and i am not looking for a model or something anyways I have a girl i raelly like but we have only little contact , like i said when i really like a girl i get shy...
  11. Well i always thought i was opretty at least okay looking but see for urself( is in black and white because of acne and its old but still for u to have a genereal Idea[attachmentid=5918][attachmentid=5918]
  12. i mean should i take an okay looking girl just to get more experience u know for when i really find a girl to luv...
  13. can u tell me jhow to post a pic so u can see what i look like to have an impression. I eman i get honest feedback so seldomely (well i guess novbody gets honest feedback often)