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  1. pompeydan

    *Day 40*

    *DAY 40* *Progress* Still no more breakouts! A couple of the newer red marks actually dried up and flaked off completely which is awesome! Disappearing quite quickly with the AHA. Still a few lingering old ones though. Complexion is much smoother and more even and I love it! *Thoughts* Despite the stress of exams and design work I am managing to remain quite relaxed inside and am not breaking out - this has got to be the first time ever during exams!! So happy! I am so pleased
  2. *DAY 37* *Progress* No real breakouts at all this week. One old spot kinda came back for a quick visit lol but nothing much and it dried up quickly. The red marks seem to be fading quite well with the AHA. No more dryness, although chin is slightly red/pinkish, which is probably down to starting the AHA with the BP so no biggie. *Thoughts* Really happy there has been no more breakouts!! Seems as if its working well and the regimen is doing its thing on me! AHA lotion is awe
  3. pompeydan

    *Day 34*

    *DAY 34* *Progress* Last breakout completely over, and no more active spots! WooP! lol The old spots have dried up and there are just red marks left, and some of the older red marks are fading quite fast. Started using AHA Enhanced Lotion (10% AHA) as night-time moisturiser - really like it although it does bring blackheads to surface within a couple of days of using so pores look a little bad right now. *Thoughts* So glad the last breakout is over and the red marks are heal
  4. *DAY 30* *Progress* After the major breakout from my uni binge-ing my face has pretty much cleared up again. Couple of big red marks left, and one that's kind of raised a bit still on my jaw but that is it! Quite chuffed, but mainly relieved that missing my regimen for a few days and drinking alcohol didn't do too much damage. One thing I must add is that my back and shoulders still have a few spots dotted around which goes to show that the BP is working! *Thoughts* I'm a bit an
  5. *DAY 28* *Progress* OK, its been 10 days since I last updated which sums up really how the regimens gone... I went back to uni this week, and all the nights out drinking and seeing mates has got in the way of my regimen. Sucks. Big time. But I am officially back on track with it from today, as bought my new supply of BP and followed the regimen spot on today (punnnnn lol). The drinking definitely affected my skin. Broke out on both sides of my face and on my jawline/neck. Althoug
  6. *DAY 18* *Progress* I've not had any new spots this week at all! And all the old ones have dried up and are just red marks now, although they all seem to be smoothing out and disappearing quite quickly No real problems with dry skin. *Thoughts* Still no more problems with redness or dry skin, skin officially used to Quinoderm! Awesomeness. I think the breakouts have stopped properly now. Can't feel any more 'under the skin' ones (you know the ones that are obviously gonna bre
  7. *DAY 14* *Progress* Since the last update I've had one new spot, more of a blocked pore really, on my chin. One of those annoying ones that has a little bump and is crying to be messed with. Once I cleared it I put BP on as normal and it has dried and reduced already so that's good. Old breakout on right cheek from last week has gone down completely, just red marks left. Still some red marks left on my left side as well. *Thoughts* Still no more problems with redness or dry sk
  8. pompeydan

    *Day 12*

    *DAY 12* Right, good news to start with! I am pretty sure my skin has gotten used to the regimen, including the new cleanser and moisturisers so I am going to stick with it everyday from now on (unless I see any adverse reactions etc.) YAY So Ill leave out the regimen part I've been posting and will put a simple regimen at the end of each post in case anyone wants to see/try it. *Progress* No more active spots left! My right cheek breakout is all dried up and just red marks left. Fo
  9. pompeydan

    *Day 10*

    *DAY 10* *Regimen* WASH - Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Wash - Nice and gentle and feels really smoothing and great on the skin TREAT - Quinoderm 3 times a day. MOISTURISE - Simple replenishing daily moisturiser during day and Boots vitamin e night cream before bed. *Progress* I got one more little spot, again on my right cheek. I think it is another that was under the skin waiting to come up anyway. I picked it a bit which is really annoying! Trying to avoid touching
  10. Do you use a sun cream of moisturiser with SPF in while on the regimen? Just wondering because I find that my skin is more sensitive to the sun while on the regimen, which makes sense because of the peeling caused by the BP, ergo a thinner layer of protection. You don't necessarily need to be out for long, when your natural SPF is low or damaged, 30 minutes a day is probably enough to gradually darken the mark. The problem with red marks is that, just as with scars, the sun colours them faster
  11. Yh I always have problems when exfoliate on the regimen, I think you're right, it is way too irritating along with the BP. I think the problem is that when you start getting the dry and flaky skin, the first thing that comes to mind is to exfoliate! Kind of a double edged sword really! I realised that I just need to use extra moisturiser or jojoba and it sorts itself out anyway. Glad you posted this because its kind of confirmed it for me! Hows the regimen going for you? On a side note, noti
  12. Its a miracle! Since this morning the massive inflamed spot on my jawline has diminished to nothing but a small raised bump and a red mark... definitely the Quinoderm that! Must have been about 27-28 hours since I noticed the spot starting to get inflamed. 24 hours since my face swelled up like I had been hit with a cricket bat round the head. And its pretty much gone! Very happy with that Applied Quinoderm 3 times by the way, as normal. Dan
  13. pompeydan

    *Day 8*

    *DAY 8* *Regimen* WASH - Skin under mouth still slightly dry in corners but again the new moisturiser is great for sorting it out. Wash with tea tree and witch hazel foaming wash morning and night - feels great still. TREAT - Quinoderm 3 times a day. MOISTURISE - Simple replenishing daily moisturiser during day and Boots vitamin e night cream before bed. *Progress* Slightly frustrating, last night I noticed a large inflamed spot coming up on my jaw right side, which by the time
  14. pompeydan

    *Day 7*

    *DAY 7* *Regimen* WASH - Slightly dry skin under mouth but the new moisturiser from Simple is great and sorts it out straight away. The new facial cleanser is great! It comes out as a foam and feels so nice and smooth on face, plus the tea tree and witch hazel combo is always a winner for me. TREAT - Skin definitely used to the Quinoderm completely now! Redness has gone and face looks a lot less angry. Skin tone looks nicer and alot more healthy and even. Plus no new spots so its defin
  15. pompeydan

    *Day 5*

    *DAY 5* So, I didn't update for a couple of days, but everything's been pretty much the same. I have one spot on my cheek, kinda near my top lip, that's a bit inflamed. That's it! Today is the 5th day since I started keeping track of everything, and into my third week of the regimen. *Regimen* WASH - No dry skin issues! Bought a new facial cleanser, Boots gentle foaming wash from the tea tree and witch hazel range. Really nice stuff and so good for sensitive skin. Cleanses and tones le