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  1. ^I swear to god, your like my alter-ego. So tired of looking at myself in the mirror. Tired of being around people who will never know what the f*** its like being me and so flawed. I hate being all nonchalant all the time. I hate getting up everday knowing that im just livin a lie. Apologies to anyone if this offends ya. None of its directed to anyone, i just gotta vent.
  2. 19 here, 5'4". Im so ashamed. Dayuum, i used to think i was the only person who thought he was friggen ugly AND short etc. No offence.
  3. Hope your really feeling better soon Mandy. Everyone feels a lil stressed out at times. Wow, i just went through your profile and honestly, i think your really pretty!! And those glasses make you look so HOT!
  4. My irl is Vince. Im 19 and i live in San D. Right now im feeling pretty down, cause of my stinkin back acne needless to say. Off the top of my head, i like drive around in my new Honda LX alot especially at night. Really calms my nerves and takes my mind off troubles, stupid reality, drama, etc. Im currently in the air force reserves right now, but my shipment is leaving to boot camp in about a week. Im pretty excited but im also scared outta my mind right now. Hmm, thats about it.
  5. As far as acne goes, i think im actually doing alright. Was on accutane...pretty much cleared me up. I was 15 years old at the time, im 17 now(Dec 14). Today i just seriously realized something weird about my skin that i never really paid any attention to. My skin looks really really dark and dry. Dont know why. I almost NEVER get out into the sun and im always wearing a hat and long sleeves. And i always thought my skin looked pretty red all the time after i was off accutane. Has anyo
  6. 1) How bad would you rate you acne out of 10? : 8 2) How long have you sufferd with acne? : 6 Years 3) Are you takeing any medication? ( and what? ) : No 4) How old are you? : 19 5) Whats the worse thing someone has said about you acne and who said it? "Crater Face!!!" -some jerk- 6) Do you have a Bf/Gf? : No 7) Do you want a Bf/Gf? : Of course. 8) Apprx, how mann spots do you have on your face now? : 10 9) If you had to chose to be someone else would you? : Yes 10) Do you cover up your
  7. Hey uksnowboarder. Just wondering... Have you ever tried the 2 in 1 pythrinc zinc classic clean? Do you think its better to use since its 2in1 pyth zinc more? I just gotta know cause from reading the other posts, im really worried about getting a rash. my skin is bad enough with all the cystic acne, i dunno if i could take a rash too. ;_;
  8. haha, i like the title. Anyways, atleast you dont got any on your penis. Now that wouldve been funny. Eh, try using H&S on your butt??
  9. Hey guys I just got one question for anyone whos on the H&S routine. Does it matter what brand of H&S i use on my bacne? I got the "2 in 1 pythrinec zinc" for normal hair. Tried it for a week, i think its working? im not sure I keep thinking i shouldve gotten the 2 in 1 for sensitive hair.
  10. ^Yah, accutane really helps cure just about everywhere: face, back, chest, shoulders, arms, etc... sandy, id say the only advice i can give ya right now is accutane. i know for sure after 6 months, your back would prolly be like 97% completely clear (a few redmarks here and there). when my back was real severe with acne, i just wanted to burn myself. >< i doubt any other products or medicines would help. sorry man...i know exaclty how u must feel. D:
  11. yah, i have to agree with insanelyoily. I vote no ban. i think melbourne has some pretty informative posts actually. *another off topic*
  12. Whoa, i never thought of it like that. Actually makes alotta sense... Its good that they let you out from time to time. LMFAO pfft, ahahahHAHAHAHHAHAH dunno why i found that so ridicuously funny. anyways, on topic now: What melbourne says sounds pretty true to some extent. Can't really be said for everyone with acne though.
  13. Id definitely go with braces. Braces honestly look kewl on some people.
  14. Yah, so i got this little container that reads "Pantothenic Acid 250 mg" that i heard, was supposed to help against acne (to some extent). I got it from Henry marketplace too. I was just wondering if it'll help my bacne any??? its hard rubbing some acne ointment on my back so i think taking some sort of tablets for my acne would help clear it up. Does anyone else do this? And if its not too much trouble, could you add any other suggestions as well? Like any other kind of dietary supplem