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  1. The Neutro moisturizer box says two pumps and I did that but my face is really oily now is that cause I put to much? Why is it so oily thats not supposed to happen right? please help
  2. Even If I apply the BP to my forehead do I also have to moisturize it?
  3. I eat dairy everyday, not a lot of it but ill usually at least have pizza or something. Ive drastically reduced my sugar intake which cleared me up a lot but I still have some acne so if I got rid of dairy would I look even better? What proof is there Dairy cause acne?
  4. I eat Total cereal every morning, Is it killing me its wheat!
  5. Thats not right to scare him like that, Im sure if hes reasonably young he can get his skin looking good again. I dont know what exactly he should do but try to help him instead of telling him he may never look the same again, thats lameo man!
  6. Well thanks for nothing you fool, if anyone would like to help Id appreciate it.
  7. Im 18 and I can think of very few of my peers that really pay any attention to there diets. No wheat, no this no that blah blah this kids all seem and look fine and live on burgers and crap. I still have a really great metabolism and dont feel like worrying about my diet yet. So I wont. Dont kids have it easier??
  8. If I stick to 40gs of sugar and no smoking for a week my skin seems to get better but on days when I eat nothing but sweets in excess and smoke a pack my skin def looks worse and I break out. I think Sugar and Smoking aggravate acne.
  9. I have a question about the regimen and sweating. Say I apply all that and only a hour later I start sweating and my entire face is dripping in sweat, does it matter? What if Im only sweating a little just on my forehead.? Do I have to reapply? The same goes for if I start sweating 4,5,6 hours later, does it matter? Please explain cause this is a concern of mine I get really pissed when I sweat and once I start this it isint an option. Thank you