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  1. Does using Zoderm wash (contains benzoyl peroxide) before applying clindamycin gel help to prevent bacterial resistance to the clindamycin gel?
  2. I bought five white pillowcases from Target and put them all on my daughter's pillow. Each morning, she pulls one off every other day and puts it in the dirty laundry. Same idea as using seven towels over the pillow.....
  3. After insurance pays their part (and I'm not sure how much that is), we pay the remaining $90 balance for a 30 gram tube of Aczone. Yes, it is expensive. The plan is to get off everything after the next dermo visit (except Aczone and Differin) to maintain my daughter's clear skin... If she uses the Aczone and Differine sparingly each night, the tubes should last 2-3 months a tube.
  4. I know that users of topical clindamycin will often develop bacterial resistance to the medication. I also know that using benzoyl peroxide in addition to the topical clindamycin can help to prevent this bacterial resistance from occurring. Can using Zoderm benzoyl peroxide cleanser twice a day help prevent bacterial resistance developing to Evoclin (clindamycine phosphate foam)? Or must it be a benzoyl peroxide lotion/gel/cream to help prevent the resistance? Thanks!
  5. My teenage daughter has been on so many different prescriptions over the past 18-24 months trying to find something that actually works to improve her acne and also something that doesn't cause all the severe dryness, peeling, redness, etc... associated with many prescription topicals. I would classify her acne as moderate, but persistant. She has only been on Aczone for a few weeks, but her face is already 100% better WITH NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS! Her skin has never looked so good. For the