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  1. To reply to the origional poster.......I have to agree...bang on. I guess i have ice picks with a few others thrown in there. Some lighting and mirrors give a minimal effect and some lighting i look bloody hideous. I started to see a shrink about it, who was like your a good looking guy, its all very shallow, and hardly noticeable at all. He was shocked as were my friends and family when i told them i had been battling this secret for the past 15 yrs. My friends thought when i was looking
  2. So its been two months on the accutane now and things are rolling along. The drug has been working so well that it is causing problems with my liver, so now i am taking the same dose, but less frequently. Only 3 x now instead of every day. the doc says my skin has cleared up and he can see everything moving under my skin, and that my shallow scarring is leveling out and slowly disappearing. That last statement is subject to interpretation, but perhaps b/c i have stared at my face in a mirror f
  3. Well, just had my first month of accutane go by, and i am happy to report, not one new blemish in almost two weeks time. This stuff is totally working for me. My derm is so impressed he has already given me this cream for my red marks and mild scarring to be used simultaneously with the accutane. If everything keeps going at this pace, i will only have to be on accutane for four months instead of six!!!! Wootin tootin. I had dry ripped lips but i used this product from mary kay of all place
  4. one new pimple, its an undergrounder, so of course it hurts.... lips are chapped something fierce, ripped all the bottom layer off and it bled like a stuck pig.....bought new blistex cream, enough of that chapstick stuff..... face is clear for hte most part, waiting with apprehension to figure out which red marks are going to scar..and which ones won't.
  5. i got some blistex cream for my lips...... works really well..... this is after i ripped off the whole bottom layer of my lips which bled something fierce. but i don't think that blistex crap they give you works past the first week
  6. Damm lips are soooooooooooo dry...... So i picked my skin on my lips and bled like a stuck pig....never do that..do not pick your dry skin...... other than that.....things are good, red marks continue to plague me, but any new acne dies quick, isn't leaving marks, and therefore isnt' too bothersome. Just a little update.
  7. Well i am now 15 pills into the accutane and i have to admit, yes my eyes are a bit dry, and my lips at times feel dry....but for the most part i think i have just gotten used to it. head seems itchy and a bit flaky..... but again as long as i don't scratch i seem to be carrying on like normal. Face is a bit red, not getting used to BP red, kinda like after you put on moisturizer for us whiteys. Face has almost completely cleared up, some stubborn redmarks of course, from previous acne, and a
  8. Arya, have you thought about travelling to Seattle and looking into scar treatments there? IIRC there was a thread about seattle scar treatments. I ask only b/c its not too far away, and i certainly would travel 2-3 hours to do it if the doc was reputable. i can't do anything for a year min, b/c of the accutane and then i have to wait 6months after the treatment to start fixing any scarring. i hate icepicks, and i hate that science can do so much, but we can use a skin graft or something to
  9. i have taken 9 pills now i think, or my 9th pill today at dinner , i don't recall for sure.....but its just over a weak. use some moisturizer b/c already i am drying up like a prune... just started using the eye drops that came with my package....they are a lifesaver.... they are drier than my lips which are dry too
  10. kewl, i would say other than the new pimple i got which seem to be healing and some blotchy skin , which will go away, i can't tell either...my eyes are drier than my lips ironically enough
  11. good luck i hope you have good results....i am taking 40 mg accutane..i see your taking 20mg x2. were so close to starting , make sure we compare notes and success/failures my eyes are dry as i write this..so far using moisturizer and lip balm thats it.....
  12. hey i am hoping to workout while i am on my accutane as well, i am in good shape and like you work out 6 days a week doing cardio and free weights..... i am encouraged by the fact you can still work out without any problems any other side effects?
  13. Ayla232 thats cool...its nice to know someone is in the same boat at the same time, it will be interesting to compare. Keeger, thanx mate, i think its overhpyed as well, but we shall see. Anything to prevent any new scarring..... i am going to miss the sunshine
  14. ok, so its been a week now, i got 10 new pimples 5 big ones, which are all starting to go away. I suffer from the dry eyes, itch skin/face/nose etc.....dry lips, nothing is too bad yet.....face is read and blotchy...sigh.... but i think its getting better