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  1. So i'm starting to get really tired of acne. I mean it just goes from good to bad in a matter of hours. I look in one mirror at school and the acne can look so much worse than at home. I have GAD which makes this acne thing so much worse, which i will admit. I've been taking zinc, and the last few months seemed to help keep the skin dry and avoiding as many pimples, but i decided i wanted to try fish oil because of the good reviews it's been getting, and man it didn't agree with me. It upset my
  2. that happens to me a lot, when i work out, especially when the blood rushes to my head. To help with this, i would do a good warm up, to get the blood moving a bit. Also sometimes anger can cause higher blood pressure and combining that with arm curls which is a small muscle group=high blood pressure and quick sebum attack. This i hope will look better after a couple days.
  3. I was at the dermy and he gave me clydomyacin phosphate and was wandering if anyone has any opinion on it and if it clears your face well.
  4. great advice, i think the study part and not being distracted by it, would greatly benefit me.
  5. So anyway this acne thing is painful. I was the one who would sweat 5 times a day playing sports and never even think ance existed just at the beginning of grade 12. I was the one who drank milk, junk food and pizza and barely got any zit. But now things have changed a year later. What fears me most about acne is getting permanent scars and also the cystic ance that looks disgusting, while i have a few now. I guess i have learned to deal with the red marks and little pimples that constantly come
  6. I am a male and someone who suffers from moderate acne and tend to notice someones acne much more because i am more cognizance of it. Although it also makes me for instance more undertsanding because i kno the shit it does to you.
  7. I thought smoking was supposed to create pimples. That what my brothers and his girlfriends excuse for the acne. I beleive it is not the case and i am interested in the relationship with smoking. What i can think of is that without smoking your body is under substantial changes with stress and hormones as well as physiological factors. Hey dont start smokin again and to relieve your worries i would get an appointment with a dermy.
  8. I do not kno to much about the other products, but i can tell you i have been on zinc 30mg for a while and have tried to get some more information on its value. I have noticed that what it does once it begins to work is speed up the healing process. Obviously if u have potential pimples they will come out quicker and sometimes all at once. It also craetes much more dryness. The positives i have noticed is it helps heal the pimples quicker and also helps reduce the redness. I have been on it for
  9. is i were u i would give Zinc a try. But if they are healed and u think there is no subum left at all than take zinc 30 mg or 50 mg everyday and u will see steady improvments quite quickly. Within days it should subside. If u dont like this i would try vitamin E capsules, it helps but agiain it is better without pimples.
  10. i am taking 30mg a day of zinc for my skin. I see some improvments, but i also am noticing that i have a lot more tiny holes on areas that existed maybe a white head or black head or a pimple. They are not huge but they are larger than my pores and when u look close u can notice them. This worries me a lot because i kno zinc is supposed to speed up the healing and was wandering if it can have this effect. It also dries up the skin which i also feel may lead to the peeling of of skin, causing the
  11. I am not one to talk man, i have wasted way to much time and enery in the last year since i got acne, but when i read ur post it bugs me because it makes me think of how stupid we are for letting it ruin are growing up years. I mean it is tough. I am 18 and had no acne until i was in grade 12 and so did my bro. I still have it currently. The thing is, u have to excpet urself or else u will never be o.k. I realize this but do i apply that mentality not really. Anyway ur still grade 10 u have tim
  12. don't listen to her, u don't have to get it removed. That just going to make u stressed more. What i would do if u want is to give it another week. I f no signs of improvment, try taking zinc 50 mg for a couple day and i think it will do the trick.
  13. I am new to this place. I'm 18, and i would say my acne is about medium. But i have GAD so everything seems worse when it becomes of worry. I am active and eat genrally healthy but the acne wants to be there. The worst is when i see my brother who is 22 and has acne worse than me. It helps at times like family events, makes me look better, but other times it's just shows how u will probably be for awhile. sucks. When u have low self-esteem it's makes it that much harder with acne. I don't kno if
  14. O ya mirrors can be your worst enemy on some days. The thing about having acne that makes it even harder, is when u have an OCD or generalized anxiety disorder, (if u dont kno what it is, the name speaks for itself). Anyway sometimes u have to look in the mirror at home to attempt to feel safe and then it hits u something like a hole or a scar or a pimple and u get that horrible feeling that ruins your day and maybe even your week at the same time u spend like an hour looking to see how bad it i