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  1. The Vaseline is supposed to go on your penis, not your face. OMG, that made me laugh so hard ... *HUGE SNARK* Seriously, that response was awesome. And come on guys, you can't seriously want clear skin enough to want masturbating. That's just not healthy!
  2. I have a wonderful boyfriend who honestly says (and I believe him) that he just doesn't notice my acne. He doesn't find it attractive or unattractive, he just doesn't pay attention to it. Being bisexual myself, I can honestly say that I find acne on women unattractive. If a woman is good-looking and has acne, I don't find her unattractive, but I find her less attractive than I would if she had clear skin.
  3. I dunno, sticking a spinning electric toothbrush in your ear sounds kind of fun. :think: Or you could always get a cat like mine that likes to lick ears. :D Scrubby tongue exfoliation.
  4. Jojoba oil is an oil that closely mimics sebum, which is the skin's natural oil. The plus side is that unlike sebum, Jojoba oil doesn't clog your pores.
  5. Let me know if it works. I'd love to try it, but I can't afford to shell out $70.00 for something that may or may not have results.
  6. The only real way I know of to cut sebum production is taking Accutane, but that's a pretty severe step, and I doubt that's what you need to do. It's possible that your skin is just going through a purging phase right now, pushing out all of the gunk in the deeper layers, and if that's the case it should clear up in anywhere from 1-3 months. I've heard a lot of people have success exfoliating with a baby hair brush, and you might want to try that to help minimize the comedones. But if your ski
  7. Just because that's what happened for you, doesn't mean that it's inarguable proof that diet and exercise have no impact on acne. Your individual experience isn't anything near rock solid evidence.
  8. I don't have a problem having you in my thread tygerskyn. You are always welcome here. I did not post this thread with a view to convince anyone. Actually, I'd be very interested to see a thread where someone convinces another person, like "yeah, that's true, finally you must be right, God does not exist". The interesting thing about expressing diverging opinion is not so much to try to convince the others, but to merely show that a different opinion can exist. I don't have a problem with
  9. I exfoliate about once a day, but you should really just do it as often as you feel it needs to be done for your skin. And while the supplements you're taking are great, and it sounds like you're living healthily, you might want to consider seeing a dermatologist and adding an acne medication to the mix.
  10. alternativista, I apologize if I missed your point. To me it seemed like you were saying that acne is solely caused by poor diet / lifestyle choices. If all you're saying is that diet and lifestyle choices IMPACT the health of your skin, then I certainly agree with you.
  11. That's not sebum. It's a combination of dead skin cells and sebum. They're called comedones, also known as just plain old clogged pores. To treat comedones, you can exfoliate with a manual scrub or acid product, or use a topical retinoid medication. Dan sells an AHA+ lotion that helps to exfoliate.
  12. You say that you need to be "discerning" about which information you choose to believe, and then say that the "only useful information" is to be found on the nutrition board. It doesn't sound like you're being discerning so much as biased in what advise you choose to look at. Who says I was trying to dispute the original poster? I'm just sick and tired of people marketing their acne fixes as a "cure all" for anybody with acne. And really it doesn't sound like you're any better than he
  13. There can be lots of points for a post on a message board besides giving an opinion. What you tried to do was create a thread in which you wanted to convince people that acne is just as socially acceptable as freckles. It's fine to make threads about your opinion, just pointless to build an argument based on unrelated comparisons, and without any actual facts. In other words, go ahead and say you find women with acne attractive. But don't try to defend it with comparisons of things like freck
  14. Maybe try reading first, miracle cure as in PILL form (or overnight miracles). Treating and eliminating acne is a slow process. What everyone seems to be looking for is some magic pill...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Every single person on this board who finds something that works for them thinks it is the miracle cure for acne. You all seem to overlook the simple fact that the causes of acne can be as individual as the treatments for it, and no one cure is going to be "the acne cure" just because i
  15. Since you just hit 20, it really sounds like you just "grew out" of your acne. Congratulations anyway, though.