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  1. Hi I also have hormonal acne. It took me about 3-4 months to be clear aswell. In fact I didn't really see any results till about 2.5 months. So don't give up okay You'll see a change!
  2. Can i ask how long have you been on the regimen?
  3. Haha oh geese I've been on it for about 4 years now. Still working. It's important people remember that this isn't a CURE but a preventative. I occassionally stop using the regimen to see if I'd still get acne. Sure enough, I do. So i go straight back on it. Haven't changed a thing but added jojoba oil.
  4. just thought id let you know that your comments have been really inspirational to me, i think its brilliant that you keep coming back to the boards to help people, posts like yours are invaluable to people like me!

  5. Ferox... Don't expect to see dramatic results straight away. You're still in the baby stages , ya know? I remember I experienced the stinging. Haha, when I first started using it I went surfing. And MANNNN did that hurt! I tell you what. Anyways, try not to focus too much on seeing if there is improvement on your skin. What I mean is.. when you wake up in the morning, don't start hoping that when you look in the mirror it'll be better. When I first used the regimen, I didn't even go near a
  6. Hey dude.. Please please please PLEASE hear my words, listen to them, DO THEM. Don't change a thing on what you're doing! Don't try anything different. Don't stop the regimen. Don't ADD anything. Firstly, read the biggest mistakes section of this website. Check it.. check if you're doing any of that... re-read it... check it again. Try not to touch your face. Try not to pick. Change your pillow case and towel constantly. But most importantly, don't quit. Don't give up. I've been on
  7. Just keep going with it Brett. Don't stop what you're doing. Just keep going. Try not to look at how your face is going and wondering if you should stop. It took 3 months before I saw any improvements at all.
  8. Hey everyone, I probably come back into these forums every year or so just to encourage all those who are thinking about using the regimen or have just started and want to quit ! I've been using this stuff since 2004 and I can tell you that it has changed my life! I'm so thankful to Dan for what he has done, my skin has never been so good. 4 years ago I was about to give up. I had tried everything, spent thousands of dollars of stuff that never worked, and that's when I stumbled upon acne.o
  9. Hey guys! Wow, it's only been about a month later and already my face is just about clear!!! Perhaps in only 2 weeks I'll be 100% clear! I don't even feel the urge to wear make up no more yay
  10. Actually.. I do! When I was reading back on my old posts from a couple years back... I asked the same question ! I remember when I went, and i was new on it.. it DID sting.. it went into my eyes.. it stang real bad.. but other than that it wasn't too bad. and it helped my face alot. I had no problems. It only stang that once.
  11. Honestly.. it was pure laziness! I was having clear skin for about one a half years.. I kept on doing it.. and then I stupidly thought I mustn' get acne no more. so I stopped using the stuff. I had ran out anyways. I was fine for a few weeks, but then I got one pimple.. and then over the next few months I broke out real bad. It sucked! So I ordered my gel, which took awhile to get cos I'm in Australia.. my face kept getting worst and worst... I started using it again... but I wasn't being as c
  12. Great story!!! Your story is very similiar to mine!!! Was on BP 2 years ago... had clear skin... then life circumstances changed I stopped using it and now here i am... acne face once again! So I'm back on the BP... been 2 weeks.. I know i need to wait for 2 months like last time before I see improvement. I'm feeling so encouraged!
  13. Hello all you legends, I wanted to post an encouragement. At the moment my skin is terrible.. I'm back on the regimen.. been on it (again) for 2 weeks. And well yeh, my skin looks terrible... So I was feeling really discouraged.. thinking.. WHY ISN'T IT WORKING LIKE LAST TIME... However, instead of complaining I did something pretty smart... I looked up some old posts of mine that I wrote from a couple of years back. I want to share it with you... not to only encourage myself to continue doing
  14. Hey guys! Thanks so much for responding! I'm feeling more positive again.. What I have done is... I stopped doing the regimen for a bit. About to run out on my last tube anyways... so I'm giving it a break.. I have ordered some more so once that arrives in the mail i'll be right back onto it again! this time I'm going to treat it like I'm a newbie. I'm back to Cetaphil face wash, as I felt that worked best for me. I'm not going to use cetaphil moistorizor no more.. i don't like it. But I
  15. Do you think maybe the Gel is completely different than the beginning? Or perhaps it's cos I'm using Dan's cleanser... I use to use Cetaphil cleanser.. maybe I should go back to Cetaphil???? ??