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  1. Hi,

    Did your ringing ear (Tinnitus) go away ?

    I was on Minocycline for a month and 9 days (100 mg twice per day) and I felt ringing in the ear then I stopped right away. The sound was like motor in the first two week then it reduced so much during the third and fourth week. It's now like 'si si si' and it's the fourth week since I stopped the med now.

    I am wondering if the sound will eventually go away. I am so freak out.

  2. My forehead cleared up quicker than my chin with retin-a. It just means that there is less acne in that one area underneath the skin. I think acne sits under the skin for a while before it comes out, so if there is less spots in one area, you will get all of them to the surface quicker than in an area where there is more. My tip is to wash your face, dry with a towel and moisturise 20 minutes before you apply Retin-a - this helps your skin not to dry, or go flakey as much. I got my IB with
  3. Anyone? Normal to get a second initial break out? Breaking out in 9th week after having improved dramatically in the past few weeks?? What could be going on? Please reply! I know the time difference from the uk probably means by the time you log in from america, my post is probably way far down...
  4. Hi, I've been using Retin-a Micro gel for nine weeks, By around the fourth or fifth week I was over my IB (which was horrible) and started seeing serious signs of improvement. Then this horrible thing happened, I woke up with a fresh batch of spots. There are two or three really big, noticable ones. And a host of other small ones dotted around my face, on my cheek, chin, forehead, even a tiny one next to my eye! Who breaks out under their eye? They seem there's nothing in them (no pus)
  5. Hi guys, I've been using Retin-a micro 0.01% for around six weeks for the purpose of treating acne, The skin on my cheeks looks clear and fresh compared to what it was, and my forehead acne has almost cleared. Now I've heard Retin-a can be useful in treating fine lines, but haven't used it around my eyes at all, only on the skin near, but not around them. Here is the problem... The skin under my eyes looks terrible Do you think it just looks worse because the skin near them (on my cheeks)
  6. Hi, Dianette cleared (or at least like 90%) after about 4-5 months. It made me very hungry though and I gained alot of weight on it, though that's coming off now (I'm off it) :) For my skin, it was a miracle! Good luck
  7. Why don't you try something mineral which might be less offensive to your skin? Or test the make up you were using, now that you are on the regimen, for a couple of days...and if it looks worse, you will know not to go on using that one. If you want to wear make up, and it makes you feel better then there's no need for you to go without, just keep trying different brands until you find one that suits you. :)
  8. I have anaemia and thin skin around the eyes so mine are bad - pretty racoon like really I am interested in eye cream that gets rid of them does anyone know of any? or any other way to get rid of them? :]
  9. - Either a light/medium daily moisturiser or suncream (nothing TOO heavy) - Spf of 15 or above. *Essential* - Not tinted - Not a gradual tanner - Will not make me shiney! Ie. Matte *Essential* - Organic or Non-Organic, I don't mind for now - Preferabley available in UK (I can order from america but it takes around a month to arrive) I use glycolic acid so SPF is absolutely necessary. I haven't used ANY spf up until now and have been using glycolic for several months. Any recommendations
  10. I always felt more alone, and more guilty (sadly), with my acne as absolutely no one else in my family had acne, had ever suffered acne (e.g. my parents never suffered acne), my brothers didn't, etc. I ate the same diet, if not a little healthier, than the rest of my family. I didn't understand why it happened to me, and this made me feel like I'd done something wrong. I had acne on and off for 5 years. Why? Food intolerance? Messed up hormones? Some kind of infection? My immune system was
  11. only really, really thick people. or really selfish people who are incapable of thinking outside the box. its the same people who have health conditions that cause them to gain weight. they must be discriminated against a lot. it's sad.
  12. Been there...not so much about school but just generally. I say take the day off, hopefully they should look a little better the next day
  13. Personally I know what you mean about it creating problems. We all go around looking at women with make up on thinking they have such good skin, only to go home, take ours off and cry. Their skin isn't probably that much different from ours in terms of uneven skin tone, blotchiness, redness, etc. Deep down we know that but we all want to live in a perfect world where everyones skin is perfect, much like the one we see on tv. The thing is using make up to cover up acne makes you feel more like y
  14. Thank you guys I do feel better for having it called a 'minor setback' that is what it is. I drink oat milk which has added calcium so I'm getting some there, not sure if it's enough but. Thanks for the luck I will be strong though and not need it! haha
  15. I was posting a few weeks ago about how my No-Dairy experiement cleared me up well, along with going on holiday, and having a few glycoic peels. Well the only things that have changed are the fact that I'm not on holiday anymore, so a lot less sun, and I have brought dairy back into my diet in the past few weeks. My skin has gone ape on me. Not a happy bunny at all, but at least it's supports my theory that dairy is the cause So frustrating, trying to get my head around the fact that I ha