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  1. How is accutane ''cumulative''? And how this logic works? isnt the drug iexcreted by the organism a few hours after ingested? How this accumulating stuff works? whats accumulated, where?! I do not understand. I never read any sensible explanation about it. It's always the same thing:'' you must calculate the cumulative dose by your weight.'' Second question: If it is true to accumulate, so I can'' pause'' my treatment and return after 2 months?! Example: im in two months of treatment, and my
  2. - When you are a guy and has to use foundation - When you cant work, study or think about anything but acne and wants the day to be over and put something on your face and sleep. - When you avoid places with a lot of light
  3. total BULLSHIT DONT BUY IT: http://www.overnight-acne-cures.com/oac-ebooks.pdf
  4. Hi, i was just thinking. Can we get a bactrim pill, put some water on it and then put it on my face? bactrim works like a miracle for me, but i hate the ideia of taking it for long term and besides i go out every week so i drink, and i cant drink on bactrim... Anyway, i will try it. But this idea has some logic?
  5. hahaa foundation i mean.. thats other problem, i put so little foundation because if someone notice that im using it, it will be heeeell. like man wearing make up.. reputation would go to a dark hole haha I just can laugh from this mess. i tried EVERYTHING ps - sorry for my english, im from brasil
  6. For the 32432423 time im not going out because of my acne. foundation cant cover it. And im going to repeat my year on college because im not going to classes (because of my face) I want to go on tane but my family dont wanna pay for it because they think its dangerous This acne hell has to stop. jesus, i cant take it anymore.
  7. My skin is extremely oily. When i wake up my forehead is like water with olive oil. But anyway, thats horrible and it sucks, but i dont think its the main cause for my acne. I dont have acne on my forehead, its rare. but as i said is pure oil. I have acne only on the cheeks, all kinds of acne, but just on my cheeks, and horrible blackheads on my nose... Anyway, my question is why i dont have acne on my forehead if over there is like 10000x more oily then on my cheeks?? ps- if someone
  8. Great. Im back to say im on acne hell again. i dont know what happened, i was fine with zinc for weeks. now im breaking out again, bad. real bad. i have to go on accutane . im done with this acne mess, gosh i hate it
  9. Not my head. i tried tons of things before... even b5 didnt work. as i said i stop taking for 2 weeks and it was all back and zinc is not THAT toxic. but next month i will take 50mg/day, ill post pictures
  10. So, im just here to say that zinc cured my acne. Sometimes i still have some, but it never ''grows'' So seems that zinc stops inflammation, so for me i dont have that red spots anymore (i used to have a lot)... BUUUUUT my skin still extremelly oily I stopped to take for 2 weeks and i was having red spots again... I take 50mg in the morning and 50 at night... I think its a nice idea for everybody at least try it... As i said my skill still a mess because its like oil.. and i dont
  11. Already did it, tons of times. im just trying by myself now.. next step is B5 (but i dont know what topical to use, already use almost all of this shit out there)... if it doesent work: accutane. im done with this shit
  12. Jeez your complaining about that???? how did you get rid of the whiteheads? You can use coconut oil (organic and extra virgin)before you go to bed, which should help. sadly my face doesn't look ''good'' as it sounds on this picture, it didnt do it justice.. so theres other.. i still dont know what to do http://www.brimg.info/uploads/1/142b6a3002.jpg
  13. i don't know what happened but i just don't have it, now my new spots are just redspots, and i dont know how to treat it Theres a pic of my face here, it looks ok on the picture, but somedays its way worse with a lot of redspots but no whiteheads, i guess i have redheads haha lol PS- I have extremely oily face and already tried everything, i really dont know what to to about it Picture: http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/754/redspots.jpg