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  1. Well, i was there today. I told him that the bump gets bigger with time (it's about the same size as before) and he said it looks flatter to him. The problem is, my surgery was about 2-3 weeks ago and he has no idea how it looked before (as he doesn't take pictures or anything) also, all of the sudden he said results shouldn't be looked at before 5 weeks. all of the sudden. hmmmm Well, kinda sad right now.
  2. hey tracy, I just made an appointment for today. However, I'm not that happy with the result right now. The bump is bigger and redder now than in the day 16 pics. I'll let you know what the doc said.
  3. Hey there guys. So I've had the laser treatment 16 days ago, and I wanted to update to let you guys now how its going. The treatment itself was short, the pain was minimal. The doc did the ktp laser first to treat the vessels, after that he used the co2 for the bump. Usually you get local anesthesia, but since he used the lowest level we didn't even need it. Immediately after treatment my nose was red and swollen. He gave me diprogenta to use 2x a day for 5 days. For the first days it s
  4. thanks mate. the only thing I worry about is the fact that the nose skin is different (thinner), and I really don't want the small area to be more obvious than before! I'm not that scared about ktp though.
  5. sounds a bit too experimental for me, and unfortunately this kind of treatments are not really avaiable here in vienna.. has noone done a similar treatment for bumps??
  6. I'm really afraid about the Co2 laser for the bump, as I can't find any before/after pictures of similar cases. Anyone?
  7. whattobehandsome: I wish you good luck: I'm having my nose lasered on thursday. Let me know what your laser treatment went. Do you have typical acne scars or bump-like raised ones?
  8. Hey there guys, I'm ramschi, a 25 year old male who sufferes from rosacea for quite some time now. My main problem (and pretty much only one) has been my nose. Few years ago i started getting lots of big, deep lying and painful pimples all over my nose. It was a pain in the ass as you couldn't really pop them, and once they were gone, you could feel new ones coming on the same places all over again. It was always horrible to feel one growing, after touching your nose with your finger (slight
  9. Hey there... About 4 years ago (how time flies!) I've posted a thread, where I asked for help to treat my "bump" on my nose.. I hope it's ok to start a new thread on this, as the other one is pretty old now and I want to get current opinions. I still suffer from a bump on my nose (my derm thinks it's a sebaceous cyst), that developed after a long-occuring pimple on the left side of my nose. My nose was always red thanks to that stupid pimple, and once it got so bad that I used drawin
  10. I guess noone can help me or solved this problem... so sad =(
  11. I thought I'd bump this after 2 years... still no solution found =/
  12. I thought I'll update this: My scalp folliculitis did not come back too much, its still under control with the selenium sulfide shampoo i use... however... I had slight acne (maybe it was folliculitis too) on/around my nose and mouth before minostad, and that got cleared up nicely, almost no pimples. However, 1 1/2 years later, i'M pretty screwed. My face is very red (maybe some seboherric dermatitis too), i get horrible zits now and then on my nose and look like rudolph the reindeer