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  1. hey in my past when i was on accutane i did smoke weed everyday , its doesnt matter loll .
  2. Hi I am using minocycline since 2 month and half . Its working but can i have a flawless with no imperfection skin like accutane can do ??
  3. Im using minocyn with the dan regimen (only on my chin) . I have acne since 3-4 and all my zits were on my chin. Now i have no more acne on my chin . But i have 3 big zits on my nose and some on my forehead why im a breaking out were i was clear ?? any one ?
  4. in fact , my skin is red because of the lightning . i dont think i have perioral dermatitis. In the sun my skin is white.
  5. Ok , im using mynociclyn since about a month and a half + dans's product . So far im pretty happy , no active pimples (only red mark remaining). But today i was taking my shower and i noticed little tiny red dot , also brown spot on my upper chest , arm. Its weird , i never had acne on my body . (its must not be acne) I dont want to stop using it , cause im happy with my facial result . need helpppp
  6. im sorry to hear this bollywood , personnaly i never heard anybody comment about my skin. Keepp fighting ! The best is in the future!
  7. ok well im a guy and im 19 ,as far as i can tell i have acne since 3-4 years , also i have big under eyes circles , large pore , imperfection and much more . Im not 60 years old ....... im only 19 (im very jealous of general people skin) When im looking at my skin in the sun its so much horrible . Does anybody there have not only acne but a bad skin like mine ???
  8. same i cant really watch my face on sun cause she's suck . With reflection its less visible i like it more . Is this only me or what because , I can only see my face on my bathroom mirror (its seems less visible)
  9. I consider myself lucky , i had never heard a comment about my skin , btw my skin look like shit but my friends and family dont care cause of what i am and not my skin. Its normal that you became a bit antisocial cause its affect us .
  10. its seem like when i go outside with sun light my skin look like shit (with fluorescent too) why can i only watch myself in front of my bathroom mirror ?? Also im pretty lucky for having good friends and good parents , i had never heard any comments about my skin .
  11. Ok ive been on dan regimen since about a month and i think im getting better. But i wanna try to not *watch* my face in a mirror for a couple of days to see some result ­. Anyone already tryed this ? (sorry for my engish)
  12. welll im not talking about my acne ... do you see all the little red spot on my cheek????
  13. its not acne on my cheek , im only using dans regiment on my chin , i saw some result. So i wanna stick with it. Im using ZENMED rosacea system on my cheek , I dont think its work. Also im using a mynociclyn that could help. Is there a way that its could be my large pore that are red ? or create a redness on my skin ??
  14. Anyone else could help me ?? please.....
  15. well i have acne since 4-5 years , also i have bad skin : redness ,dark circle under eyes , large pore ... But i think i have rosacea on my cheek , Im using dan's regimen + mynocin since 2 week. HELPPP