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  1. I'm in my late 30's, male. I've been on Accutane 20mg/day for 18 months. Before taking accutane, I had moderate acne and wrinkles on my face. Most people said I looked my age, and a couple of people said I looked a few years older than my age. Accutane has removed many of the wrinkles completely, and reduced the remainder significantly. My face looks much younger. Everyone who doesn't know my age thinks I look 5-7 years younger. They're very surprised when I tell them my age. Some of it
  2. Well when a product works for you and few others, it's likely placebo. Do you really think you're the first person on earth to ever try this product for acne? Why don't you think derms ever recommend it over other acne products? why do you think the company has never marketed it as an acne treatment?
  3. It has poor absorption into skin, and it does not continue to work once it's rinsed off. Have you seen any antibiotic product for acne that's RINSED off? No there are none, and for good reason. They must remain on the skin to continue to work. If you think you found the holy grail with a product that's been around for decades and is well-known by dermatologists yet is almost never given to acne patients, then be my guest.
  4. Has anyone noticed their acne treatments have any effect on facial wrinkles? I noticed that accutane has the most positive effect on wrinkles. It reduces them very significantly. I'm also on tazorac 0.05% but it's irritating so I only use it 3x per week, hence I doubt it's doing much for wrinkles. I've also used AHA 8-10% for years and it doesn't seem to do much for wrinkles.
  5. I used it before, I think around 1997 or so. It's an antiseptic that surgeons use on their hands prior to surgery. I'm glad it's working for you, but I suspect it's either placebo effect or if it really is working, that eventually it will wear off once the p.acnes develop resistance. It kills bacteria but it doesn't remain on skin like antibiotics do, therefore it doesn't continue to work after you wash it off.
  6. Well 3 weeks ago I did eat some greasy foods, and when I first broke out I thought it was due to that. But I can't imagine the breakout would still be continuing to this day. The other thing that makes me believe it isn't due to diet is the fact my lips aren't chapped anymore. Accutane always dries up my lips. The lips is what makes me think Accutane is growing less effective; if the breakout were due to diet or different face wash, my lips would still be dry as before. Btw, I haven't change
  7. I'm 7 months into treatment @ 20mg/day. Months 5 & 6 were blissful: 98% clear skin! But then starting 3 weeks ago, it seemed that Accutane wasn't working anymore. My lips weren't dry like they typically get on Accutane, and the breakouts came back too -- 30-40 new zits in just 3 weeks, whereas before I was getting 1 per week. I googled this but couldn't find anything written about it. Anyone had this happen to them?
  8. Accutane at 10mg/day cleared up my seborrhea completely, although that dose did nothing for acne.
  9. I'm male, upper 30s. I had moderate but very persistent acne since age 15 and it's 95% gone now. I also had seborrhea since 18 and it too is gone. But the big big surprise is my forehead wrinkles are 80% improved. My skin looks much younger. Here is my regimen: Accutane 20mg/day for 5 months, but now down to 10mg/day maintenance dose tanzorac .05% 1-2 times per week for the past 6 weeks. AHA 8% lotion 3 times per week for 5 months. Clarisonic 2x per day. No chocolate at all; minimize greasy f
  10. Why don't you know your starting cholesterol? They should have had it tested before beginning treatment But yes, if it was a reasonable number before, like 160, and Accutane caused it to go to 240 you can kiss your Accutane treatment goodbye. Mine went up a bit too but it's still well under 200. What was your HDL and triglycerides?
  11. I'm doing Accutane w/o Rx. In the past I went to a doc to get it but since I know its effect on me and I do get bloodwork on my own, I feel comfortable being my own doc. It costs me $250/yr for 10mg/day treatment. I don't recommend women do this or first-timers or people who don't have the discipline or patience to stick through the IB or get their own bloodwork done
  12. I'm 5 months into my Accutane treatment and since the first month my skin has been very shiny, especially the forehead. It's not due to oil, it's just my facial skin glowing like a lamp. Non-facial skin isnt shiny at all. What do you guys do about this? I've even gone so far as applied face powder makeup but it doesn't help much
  13. For the first 4 months of accutane, my facial skin got pretty smooth. Then suddenly about 3 weeks ago I got 20-30 small bumps on my forehead. It happened very suddenly. The bumps are the size of a pin head and same color as my skin; they don't look like acne. I don't have bumps anywhere else on my face or body. Anyone have these?
  14. 10mg didn't do jack for me. No negative side effects = no positive side effects either. 20mg was the ticket. I had mildly chapped lips but my skin cleared up much better
  15. Every derm and pharmacist knows about this interaction. It is rare and the link has not been proven causative, and at your dose for that short a duration, it's not really a serious threat. But if it worries you, ask the derm for e-mycin instead. Actually, tetracyclines are not contraindicated with Accutane. Just because there is a potential drug interaction does not imply contraindication.