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  1. That's kind of what you almost have to do. What you STRESS about will get worse... There's a phrase from a song I love: "Worry, but know that worrying is about as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum..." It's pretty damn useless. I'm getting a little frustrated with some of you on here though. You cannot sit and wait for results automatically. You don't loose 20 pounds in one week. It takes many weeks, and dedication every day, just to see something work. The h
  2. My aunt bought me the murad kit actually like 4 christmas' ago when I barely even had started to get the signs of acne. I didn't like the gel or lotion, I stopped using the gel actually completely. I really really liked the face wash though! The regimen overall was very gentle, but I didn't get the results I wanted. Needless to say, I'm happy with any ol stuff I find at a drug store for less then half the price.
  3. Many razors today have a strip here or there that is a "conditioning" strip. Sometimes this can make people's skin sensitive, depending on what kind you use. There are tons of different kinds of razors out there. The only ones I can think of that do not have those strips are the plain Bic brand razors, but those are only one bladed, not with 2, 3 or 4 blades like most razors now a days. I DO know, that most of the time, these strips only last after a few shaves, and the products the companies pu
  4. My ex who had horrible high school acne swears by it, but I have yet to try it and I haven't heard results from anyone else that were positive.
  5. Back to pop in and say hello! It's been a long while since I've reported or answered any questions, so I scrolled through all I've missed since my last post. First I'll give you an update on my own skin, then I'll get to the important parts... teehee. Ok, myself? I never had acne up until last year. I'm 21 years old now as of March 15th. I've always had a beautiful, olive complexion. I would use Neutrogena Mild Acne wash from when I was about 15 to about 20 years old, worked just fine. I wore
  6. hey! it's nice to see you back! i'm glad you found your way through this. and yeah, it simply is awesome. ;)

    1. Your skin is showing some definite imrpovement since I first spoke with you! Glad to see you're on your way to clearer skin. Isn't it awesome!?

      1. I'm back just to pop in and say hello! I'm sorry it's been so long. But I have good news to report! Since I've stopped STRESSING about acne, and touching/popping/picking at my skin, it's healed dramatically! I do wash my face. I let water touch it. I wear makeup but not every day. My biggest thing was trying to never go to bed with a dirty face. I don't use ANY topicals. I use a gentle apricot scrub when I need it, less then once a week. The moment I started living my life and stopped letting m
      2. Is anyone a real health food nut? When I buy my corn chips I actually get the blue corn tortilla natural chips.. like the organic ones. They are so much more expensive but alot more filling, less crap and chemicals, and way better for you. You can also think about using types of crackers, pita chips, bagel chips?? Is there a certain thing you are trying to avoid????
      3. I do get my acne here and there... it usually heals on its own or I pop them once they come to a head... Kinda gross, I know. My question is, for some reason my body doesn't heal very well. I can have a scab over my healing acne for honestly weeks. I am a picker so yeah that does make it worse sometimes, but I was wondering what you would suggest if anything to help the actual scabs once the puss and other stuff inside the zit is no longer there and it's just my skin trying to heal that hole?
      4. I've tried sea salt. Many people say when you take a sea salt back for acne, you want to make sure you put lots more salt then you normally would. For a regular sea salt bath, most people put less then one cup of salt to the whole bath. With using an acne treatment, I've heard from several people it's better to use 2-3 cups per bath sometimes if you have very bad body acne. When trying to treat your face with this regimen, it's best to still take the bath(its still good for your skin, without
      5. Hope things are going good for you sweetie!

        1. Update! So Since I last visited the org I haven't had a single major breakout. Probably two or three larger zits under my skin to report at all!! I havent cared about my face. I've had a busy schedule that also included a vacation to pheonix for the weekend last where I went to a rave and danced the night away! I've gone to bed without washing my face at times most of this week, even when I have face powder on. I've continued to tan, and not on a daily basis. It's helped my shoulders very mu
        2. Ok.. back to report... Snow.. you are 100% right darling, I swear! I haven't been on in about two weeks.. I've been busy, sorry!! I want to report that I have stopped caring about my acne.. I sometimes dont even wash my face before bed even with alittle makeup powder on... I dont look in the mirror constantly, I stop picking, I don't use witch hazel, take vitamins just for my skin.. or bombard my face with all that topical stuff!! I haven't had a very bad breakout since. Of course I've had m