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  1. i have never had break outs from threading, and theres not much to prevent the pain except taking painkillers lol but its not that necessary after i get threaded they always want to put moisturizer on the threaded areas and i always say NO to that because i dont know whats in it. if they have aloe ill use that. after i get threaded though i usually wash my face as soon as i get home because their hands touch your face and you have to touch your own face.
  2. oh truu.. so u were clear for the first few months then? soo i guess my problem could be related to milk then.. got to get back on rice milk boo
  3. after you stopped taking accutane, how long did it take until you started breaking out bad? i wasn't drinking milk while i was taking antibiotics for my acne (tetracycline). when i stopped taking my antibiotics, i started drinking milk again but for the 1st month and a half i didnt break out. after that my skin went crazy. not sure if it was the milk (because why did it take a month n a half until my skin broke out) or just stress from exam time at school. :S
  4. update: lately my skin is REALLY GOOD. tea tree oil has been doing wonders for my skin. at night when i moisuturize i add a couple of drops of TTO to it, and mix them together and rub it into my skin. after that i dab TTO on any new pimples i feel. I wait until the TTO dries a bit and then i put a dab of Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment over those spots and by the next morning, it's like the pimples were stopped dead in their tracks. putting TTO on pretty much stops them from
  5. hey, has your derm talk to you about what you're going to do after you finish the 6 months of tetracycline, because its not like accutane where you will likely remain clear afterwards.. just wondering because i finished doing 12 weeks of tetracyline recently and am just waiting to see how my skin reacts to being on nothing. i'm not sure what my next option will be if my skin gets really bad again..
  6. this month has been OK... the major problem i had was with picking at the one pimple i did get which made things worse.. you just never know whether or not it will be better to pop it or not.. aside from the one i got in the first coouple of days, i only had one other pimple that bothered me. other than that, my face is looking pretty smooth on my cheeks and lower face. My forehead, however, is gettin a lot of small whiteheads, especially along my hairline.. reasons for this?
  7. 2 days without tetracycline and got a new pimple on my left cheek.. it started off really small and I was going to pop it but i decided to wait.. shouldve popped it.
  8. so i just popped my last 2 tetracycline pills my face has been really good during the last month, the only slight problem i had was on my right cheek, although i always seem to have problems with that area. its not as bad as usual though, and i only had 1-2 at a time there and my hair luckily covers that side. the left side of my face has been clear for the most part.. it is because of this side of my face that i am able to deceive people into thinking i actually have good skin. haha. next
  9. wow your skin looks really good! i would have never considered going to sephora to get acne products.. i'm interested in looking into the sulfur mask, i'm not really happy with the st.ives one i've been using. what is the cleansing brush though? is it for dead skin?
  10. hey im also on 250 mg. i also still do get acne but it isn't as bad as i started off as. i think i read that tetracycline clears up like 25% of acne. i need to go look that up though. the thing that sucks is it only works while your using it so i dont know what im going to do when i finish the antibiotics. i think you should stick with it awhile more but either way your doctor probably wont let you stay on it for more than a couple months even if its working. i think by the end of 6 weeks y
  11. Hey guys last time i went to the estee lauder booth to buy more foundation, i also bought their make up remover that is meant to remove double wear. it comes off really easy you just rub the cream over your skin and then rinse or wipe it off. in case anyone was interested
  12. 20 mins for simple makeup (foundation plus mascara) up to 45 mins if im doing eyeshadow and all that ishh it really takes less though because i can never sit still and do it all at once
  13. just finished week 10/12. 2 more to go. weeks 8-10 went pretty smoothly, i haven't really worried at all about my skin during the new year until this week when i got a under the skin pimple that i couldnt pop and then had to deal with the aftermath after picking at it.. it wasnt even that bad to begin with i just get impulses to pick. anyways, since i have to stop the tetrcycline soon, my plan is to go the rest of february without being on anything for my skin . i will continue with my cle
  14. hey guys so im a 20 year old female. i've had mild acne all my teenage years but it was never something i really had to worry about. since i was 18 though it has become moderate acne and i've tried so many things such as proactive, retin-a, differin, stievamycin, etc, mostly different topicals which helped control it but never really got rid of it. i was hesitant about taking antobiotics so i continued to experience breakouts until i became determined to go on accutance. however, when i went t