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  1. Mostly just drier skin and really badly chapped lips. I think I had one or two nosebleeds on the first round and rashing on my hands a time or two. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary!
  2. On my first round, I only did four months. I was clear for about two years so it is certainly doable. I took a fairly high dosage and am taking the same high dosage, four month course this round!
  3. I have been on 80 mg/day on both of my Accutane rounds. I started off at 80 and finished at 80 without any increases throughout. I was about 145 lbs the first time and 160 lbs this time. I asked my dermatologist if my dosage would go up since I gained weight, but she said that they typically start prescribing a higher dosage at around 220 lbs.
  4. I went on Accutane November 2008-April 2009. My skin responded SO well. It cleared up within a month and I had very minimal side effects, mostly just dry lips! My skin has been great up until this May. I had my consult with my dermatologist today for my second round of Accutane. She said that she has never had a patient have to take a third round. She also said that patients typically receive acne relief more quickly during the second round than the first. As disappointed as I am th
  5. I used to live in South Carolina up until I was 18, where are you from?

    Grats on finishing tane, I'm almost done with my second month :)

  6. So I've finally finished my 4 month 80 mg a day Accutane round! I never had an IB and my skin got better immediately! However, I'm terrified that my acne with come back with a vengeance! Anyone who has finished Accutane and has a great regimen for keeping your healthy skin intact, PLEASE share your secrets! Doesn't matter if it's vitamins, washes, foods, moisturizers -- if it works, please fill me in! Also, was anyone left with terrible, pitted scars? My derm says that it will eventually
  7. There was only ONE face wash that didn't irritate my skin beyond belief.. Aveeno Ultra-Calming w/ feverfew! Everytime I tried something else my skin BURNED! So I would definitely say that's worth trying! & Cocoa butter works well as a moisturizer just about anywhere! GOOD LUCK it's totally worth it in the end!
  8. I say go for it! Although it may react differently to you, my skin looked the best it ever had after about one month!
  9. Seems to be an AWFUL day with prescriptions and dermatologists today... I went to fill my prescription of Acctuane my LAST MONTH! It was my 6th day in the 7-day time-frame I have to get my Rx... They told me I was out of the time frame though... and after an hour and a half on the phone the pharmacist told me that my dermatologist entered my pregnancy test on the WRONG DAY! So I'm kicked out of the system now thanks to my derm... And for girls, it's HARD to get back in... it would take like 2 mo
  10. Hah, I love this post! Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse has a light zero called "light ivory" it's the lightest color I've ever seen!
  11. I got REALLY sick with doxy and had to quit it, too! I'm 2 1/2 months into Accutane and it hasn't upset my stomach at all!
  12. I'm on month two and have the same rash... it started around 3 weeks just on my arms and spread to my hands and a little on my back. I just put Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion on it everyday and it gets better! Just don't use anything with a lot of fragrance on it, it'll just irritate your skin more..
  13. Not sure if it matters since you are unsure about birth control, but my insurance didn't cover Yaz initially. My dermatologist faxed my insurance company saying that I wasn't going on it for birth control, but instead for acne and to go along with my Accutane and it came down about $45!
  14. I'm on month 2 of Claravis (80 mg/day). I didn't have an initial breakout and started clearing up around 3 weeks! I still have 3 more months left though! Good luck!
  15. Well what my dermatologist did is she started me on Yaz the month before I started Accutane along with Bactrin (an antibiotic for bacterial infections that lowered inflammation). And my face got a lot better. It helped A LOT with my skin and I plan on taking Yaz after I finish Accutane in April for maintenance. Plus, it served as my second birth control option along with abstinence. So basically, you don't have to, but it can sometimes be beneficial.