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  1. justanavgjoe

    The Good

    At this point I've been using Dan's regimen, with the exception that I use Rugby's 5% BP cream for the second application ( I use Dan's Acne Treatment for the 1st) for the past 6 months. There are scars left over from past lost battles but my face is essentially clear and my skin feels better than it has since I was a boy. For a while there I was wondering if it would really work since it took a while, and several more break-outs, before I finally saw improvement. One thing I did note with Da
  2. justanavgjoe

    The Ugly

    This is me a few months back just before I ordered Dan's Acne Treatment and Moisturizer. I had been using Rugby's 5% cream but apparently not in the correct way. Now I use a sqirt of Dan's Acne Treatment, A quirt of Rugby's 5% BP cream and, finally, a squirt of Dan's moisturizer which, by the way, is great!