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  1. to the op: Looking to acne as being the fault of your failure with women could be an excuse from within. ...Instead of dwelling on that negative, I suggest looking at your approach instead. ...Granted I'm not sitting there hearing every word you say, the tone in which it is said, and your body language during the time you spent talking to these girls, nor have I been around them to experience their level of quality (I mean quality as a person, ladies. ...not a number from 1-10. ...Put away
  2. Sweatyfox: You can increase protein intake without really gaining that much weight at all simply by eating foods higher in protein content but keeping your daily calorie intake around 1800 to 2000. 150 grams of protein is a good number for 112 pounds BUT I think you'd achieve even greater tone if you went up to about 180-200 grams of protein while taking a high energy fat burning supplement. Check this out if you're interested: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/topicoftheweek27.htm -Mat
  3. No disrespect Alter but how exactly did this become an ecology issue? The reason for the increased amount of protein is to put on strong, lean muscle i.e. gain healthy weight. And throughout the past 20 years science has shown us that In order to do this quite effectively (Thesweatyfox this is for you too) The body needs twice the amount in grams of protein to body weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds, you effectively need to intake 320 grams a day. The other big point: WHEY PROTEIN IS AN EXTR
  4. Some people claim to have the problem with this but most of the time they're also taking creatine too. It's been stated for years now that creatine can cause breakouts. I dont know if the op is taking it, but I've been taking both and decided to recently cut out the creatine. It's made quite a significant difference.
  5. haha, I love how nature tells our bodies its time to start looking to reproduce in teenage years, but then then it turns into a d-bag in a lifted pickup that cuts you off, gives you a flat tire, and then flips you off with acne. *sigh*. ...It's sad. Kinda funny when you think about it like that. But sad. Note: No offense to any d-bags that cut people off while driving lifted pickup trucks. -Mat
  6. I'm in the same exact boat and there's three things that are very important on the list. Look these up: 1. Rhytec or "Portrait" (plasma callogen resurfacing): I did this and it's made a noticeable difference. It isnt that bad but you need about 5-10 days off after doing this precedure and it aint cheap either. ...Make sure you read things that are relating to 2008 and up. 2. Callogen fillers: Ultimately, this is pretty much THE best solution right now for anyone that wants top level. I'm
  7. do a search for "Aczone" and "Clenziderm". ...Hope it helps!
  8. Cortizone for sure. ...Until then, 2 ibuprofen every 8 hours and wrap an ice cube in a kleenex and do the 1-2 minutes on...5 minutes off deal. I think more towards the ear where it shows a point (kinda) is a cyst but there has to be more to it than that. Good luck!
  9. "i still keep masturbating is that it seems to help me from having wet dreams which feel like getting spat in the face" ...ha ha! awesome. ...You might wanna retry that sentence, lmao
  10. thank you thank you i try..well um actually i was ready for that picture i just didnt want to take it lol

  11. haha great picture!

  12. well i'm on 60 atm. First time I did it I was on 40. the good news? you'll barely have any side effects. In fact you probably won't even notice anything and just assume it's the weather, lol. The bad news, it may only work for a bit. After anywhere from 6 months to 4 years it may come back. It may not (gotta love the random factor eh?). But honestly...if you're on 10 mgs, you have it pretty easy. I'm not telling you not to complain because all acne sucks. Regardless if its 1 dot or 10.