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  1. I was told by an esthetician that some hyperpigmentation will never fully go away. If the damage is in the dermis (deeper layer of skin) then it will never fade completely. . .
  2. I started drinking green smoothies but I was using a supplement powder and blending it with fruit and fruit juice and I actually experienced bad breakouts that were constant, I later found out that the iodine content of the supplement was 70%, the supplement was a mixture of dehydrated greens, I stopped drinking them and after a couple months I'm completely clear with an occasional pimple and was able to clear up the breakouts by using the regimen.
  3. I`ve used clearogen and it is very overpriced for what it does which isn`t much. I`ve done dan`s regimen too and cleared up completely on it.
  4. In the past I would usually have a few breakouts on my back here and there but I read that using Head & Shoulders shampoo as a body wash on the area works, suprisingly it works very well and I have maintained zero breakouts on my back by using it. I`m not sure how well it would work for more severe breakouts but it works great for me.
  5. The best powder mineral foundation I`ve ever used with zero irritation or breakouts. I`ve used it for two years, it covers flawlessly but looks so natural. It`s very high quality and skin friendly. True Minerals Protective Mineral Foundation
  6. Eucerin q10 Anti Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme, not the lotion. This moisturizer is great, very thick but causes no breakouts or clogged pores. Even more than this I love pure unrefined shea butter because of the fact it has no chemicals or added ingredients. A lot of moisturizers say non comedogenic but actually do contain comedogenic ingredients. You can find a list of them online, I checked the entire list of the Eucerin one and it has NO ingredients that are comedogenic. Shea butter also is n
  7. I`ve used a few mineral foundations and the BEST BEST BEST one is called TRUE Protective Mineral Foundation, it doesn't cause any problems with breakouts whatsoever and has very good coverage.