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  1. pictures never really pick up the scars, trust me i've taken plenty and don't really see them take a bright led flashlight into a bathroom with the lights off and turn on the flashlight to see your real scars has to be a led flashlight....blueish-white bright
  2. i just find this a stupid thread there are post out there that actually need advice/help besides just lower your standards if you're going through a dry spell also you could date blind people stop with these dumb threads
  3. how long do you keep your topical antibiotics or other creams for treatment on before washing it off, night time you could just go to sleep but what about the morning time once you apply
  4. if it is indented then it is a scar, even if it is red just wait to the reddness goes away and you will see what i mean i have first hand experience and the hyperpigmentation took about 8 months to fade, for me
  5. well if you do decide to take that path of death be sure to help out others before you go, and donate everything in your name to the less fortunate or just live in a place that is less saturated with humans, where you have to plant food or hunt it, then you wouldn't have to worry what people think of you
  6. yes get over rich and famous people already they are in a class of their own called celebs, and i can't believe this thread got more replies than some of the others that actually need help with a question what a shame, and shame on me for posting in this thread
  7. yep like they say scars can only be improved not removed but still, that shouldn't stop you from getting atleast one treatment to see how that goes
  8. well about the tan thing have you heard of melanotan, it gives you a real tan without the suns side effects and you get a increase in libdo decrease in fat so soon the whole world will be sexcrazied tanned fit loving people it is being researched for safety in europe but if you want it really bad right now.....you can find it
  9. some cameras don't even pick up the scars i have scars but the camera doesn't pick them up but chances are if you have indents then that is what you will have to live with some have it worse than others, but if you even think you have indents then, sorry but you probably do besides if you want to hear something that may make you feel better the pic isn't even that bad of a condition
  10. what would the single best treatment overall be
  11. i'm not a starwars fan so it wasn't funny to me but this is funny http://media.ebaumsworld.com/pizzafight.wmv to me
  12. what kind of ish is this i was hoping to do 1 dermabrasion but to do just even more than 3 i can't see myself spending 3grand a dermabrasion so what is the real answer to dermabrasion, does it work? and just how bad were your scars noone? why go for so many dermabrasions, don't you think by now it would have worked?
  13. i think once you scar it will never be perfect scars are formed becuase you body rushed white cells i think to the site and they do a fast job of repairing, which can lead to loss or gain collagen so i also feel nothing will work for scars as well, because you skin might once again do a bad job of repairing itself after a treatment but that won't stop me from getting a dermabrasion, so i have a peace of mind, in that i tried and thats all you can do really
  14. scars on the neck isn't so bad have you seen mark mcgwire's neck, now thats some neck acne scars