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    1. Hey Kimmy_Cup, plz check this,maybe this can help u.. "Calamine is a preparation belonging to a class of medicines called the anti-pruritics, which are used to relieve itching. Itching can be caused by physical irritation or chemical changes in the skin caused by disease, allergy, inflammation, side-effects of drugs, or reaction to irritant substances. It is a common symptom of skin disorders, e.g. eczema, and infection with lice or worms. Calamine can be used in the form of a cream or a loti
    2. i have a question to the ones who used the madecassol before.. it is generally prescribed for the burns,scars etc..it helps old and new scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne, wrinkle and stretch marks appear softer and smoother. it contains "Centella asiatica" ive been on it for two days and it started to peel the dead skin on my face...i use it in order to get rid of the whiteheads that clog my pores... i really need ur comments.. Should i go on or give up it ? Ha
    3. ive been sleeping without any pillow for 2 years,but i didnt give up my pillow cuz of the pimples,breakouts etc...i just gave a try how it would go,then i liked tat way a lot,so i dont use pillow now,its very comfortable ..my mom finds this so weird but try it
    4. I think mine is a bit extreme. So I'd suggest visiting this site for you, Acneisdead If all else fail, then you might as well give what I did a shot. Well, I'd strongly recommend this before going into accutane though. Accutane changes the body so much so for me that is not an option. thanks for ur help.i have never been on accutane but i have an oily and sensitive face.i think not to wash face for a while can trigger the redness and it tends to be more oily..i dk wat
    5. wapak Hell yeah!!! No toner + No cleanser + no moisturizer = no shine normal healthy skin! That's in my case though and other people who did the same. Hey wapak,i wanna ask u something.do u really recommend not to wash face,clean or moisturize? shud i do that? does it work??
    6. honestly,it doesnt make sense to me,cuz it seems impssible i had the same problem too,but i found a solution at some extent for this problem,my face is not very oily now.i use a matifying moisturizer for my face.and take zinc tablets in order to reduce the excessive oil on face.and i also drink a lot of water in a day.. if i cud find another solution,i will share it with u
    7. i have the same problem too.some say ACV toner works for whiteheads.whiteheads r all over my face,as if my skin cudnt breathe.. they cover all my pores..they're very little.. sorry if i wrote wrong wat can i do in order to get rid of them ?
    8. weird,JO worked for me very well as i said but it didnt help u..then stop using it.. dont forget to take zinc and fish oil capsules everyday,they're really helpful too.. and i also wanna recommend u something different for ur redness..it is a product of la roche posay called Rosaliac XL..it really helped to reduce my redness a lot,if u wanna,give it a try.. good luck
    9. i really thank u for ur help,i will check them.i hope i cud find something useful for her..
    10. One of my best friend wanna get rid of her pimples and her doctor prescribed her accutane,she has been on it for 4 months and she feels really bad now,she has red cheeks,chapped lips and a very sensitive skin now... and i wanna do something for her..i ask for some help from the ones who experienced accutane.. i really appreciate wat u will say,even one sentence...thanks in advance...
    11. the amount of spots and zits on my face was less and less day by day,but u shud wait to see the result about 1 month..it was enough for me..
    12. hey ur welcome.mine contains only zinc,not vit c or the others..Boots Zinc Capsules - 60 Capsules makes sense to me but its up to u... good luck