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  1. About hormones... Since I have started to use Birth control pill my acne is going away completely. I dont know if this has to do with the hormones in it but they work good on my skin. I dont think stopping milk and dairy products will improve your skin. I mean give it a try but...I dont know. I just think acne comes from a wrong way for your body to process its oil. And soy milk, well, it sure dont taste the same in cereals. Eww
  2. Ya hmm i wrote some shit but i deleted it cause its stupid
  3. Uhh..babe, I dont know about this product but DAMN UR HOT and beautiful and sexy and very hairy MmmmmmmMMMm. :=)
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a little something with you. When I first started comming here I was desperate with my acne (I never got severe acne but it still bothered me a whole lot) and since I have discovered BP my face is almost totally clear now. But thats not what I wanna talk about. I have this bottle of tea tree oil home and have never really bothered using it because of the smell. I made a research on the net and found out it was amazing to disinfect and stop itchiness. It is
  5. Yay!!!!! Another proud user! =o) Congradulations. Im thrilled about BP too.
  6. Ya you can buy that in pharmacy for like 1$ a bottle. It is meant to disinfect scratches and cuts. I know nobody will try it cause they think I wanna kill them or something. And its also the best thing to clean your teeth with.
  7. For me its the opposite. I take baths and put hot wash cloths on my face. When I get out of the bath I put cold-ass water on my face. Then my face looks almost flawless. I dont wash my face anymore. I exfoliate once every 2 days with a cream I payed 50$ for. I do the wash cloth thing in the shower/bath and then use BP. I have no more active acne in my face anymore. And believe me, ive tried a whole bunch of sh*t before getting where I am now.
  8. LOL no you silly I dont look like Micheal Jackson. The peroxide (not BP) mixed with the baking soda is a grandmothers trick. It does actually work like bp. Thats what I meant. You should try it its fun! And how the hell are you going to apply baking soda on your face? Its a powder. You have to mix it with something. Try peroxide. Just once, on your nose if you got blackheads and update me on that ok. You have to wait till its dry though, and it does sting a bit.
  9. For redness I have been using Visine anti-redness eye drops when I get out of the shower. It seems to be working pretty damn good. Also, where I am red I usually dont get pimples do try to apply the less BP there. If I wash my face with a dove unscented bar soap, or any other soap for that matter my face just does not take it. I dont even wash my face anymore. All I do is put hot wash cloths on my face in the shower and it works great. At night, I exfoliate to remove make-up with a scrub I pay
  10. What I do is mix peroxide with baking soda until its a paste then apply on my zits and blackheads. It totally disinfects and bleaches your skin like Micheal Jackson. I think its kinda like BP so I just apply bp now and my skin is getting better and better. BUt you should definitely try the peroxide/baking soda on ur nose if you got blackheads. It stings like a bitch and then dries and then your blackheads are almost totally gone!!
  11. Ya oh Gosh u Look so much better without the oil! Keep it up man! All I do is apply Bp at night then rinse it in the shower. Thats all I do with my face and I also apply hot wash cloths in my face in the shower and my skin is becoming better and better everyday. I tell you, the less you play with your skin, the better it will be.
  12. What kind of mosturizer do you use? I think it has oil in it. Thats no good.
  13. Keep doing what ur doing its going to end up working. I swear by Differin now