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  1. Saline nasal spray or gel inserted into the nares as directed. Cleanse the applicator tip after each use. Petrolatum jelly can (rarely and inconsistently and usually only in hospitalized, respiratory-case patients anyway) cause inhalation pneumonia and that's why SOME docs don't recommend it. A thin layer shouldn't cause problems. Use a Q-tip to gently apply the jelly to the insides of your nose. A humidifer at night can help. Drinking a generous plenty of fluids throughout the day will a
  2. I wax. Far more thorough. If your skin's not sensitive, that is. Waxing or threading don't leave stubble. Hair removal creams and shaving do leave stubble. Not exactly pleasant on a female face.
  3. http://www.hepfi.org/living/liv_caring.html Some general guidelines for a liver-healthy diet.
  4. Petrolatum jelly bandages are used for burn patients.
  5. The medication itself can cause elevated liver enzymes. The Boost not only contains vitamin A but also higher levels of protein, most likely. Strenuous exercise can also elevate liver enzymes. Do a more gentle workout for several days before your blood test, avoiding exercise that tears muscles (running, weight lifting, etc). The byproducts of torn muscles are processed by the liver, resulting in elevated liver enzymes even when there is no actual damage to the liver. It's just a fact of ph
  6. http://www.acne.org/finger.html You did use less than half a pump but you do have sensitive skin as you cannot even use cinnamon toothpaste according to another post of yours, so starting with once a day application would have likely helped alleviate some of the redness you're experiencing. Lots of moisturizers tend to be difficult or even burn on sensitive skin. The only one that doesn't for me is emu oil. Jojoba oil does not like my skin; it makes me break out. Vaseline is actually a non
  7. 1. A gentle cleanser like Dan's, Cetaphil, Purpose, what have you. 2. A THIN coat of vaseline will help protect and soothe the skin. 3. A TINY amount of hydrocortisone might be okay, but don't use a lot OR for longer than seven days and do not cover any hydrocortisone treated area with any kind of bandage as that concentrates the effect. 4. An ice cube gently moved over the surface of the entire face will help the redness. And...relax. Breathe deeply. Read a lot, you'll find lots
  8. Isn't that much washing irritating? It would be to my skin.
  9. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water, perhaps 1 part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water. Add baking soda until it's a paste-like consistency. Brush, but not every day as excessive hydrogen peroxide will damage your skin, even the oral mucosa. Chew on mint leaves intermittently. Mint leaves won't harm teeth, don't swallow a lot, spit it out. Tastes good but won't necessarily whiten teeth. The saliva produced might help maintain cleanliness of the mouth.
  10. Hi eff: There is a good thing in your horrible experience with that slimy girl. You have learned one thing to watch out for. You have also (I hope) learned that being a doormat is not the same thing as being a 'nice guy'. A nice guy is nice but does not allow himself to be taken advantage of. Please realize that this is one bump in your long journey of life. The first few romantic hurts make it seem like nothing else will ever be the same again; that you'll never ever like anyone again the
  11. People who want to give the medication a chance to work. Hot water is irritating. If you're washing with cold, that's better on the skin. A gentle cleanser (non-medicated) is also a good idea. Stop the witch hazel, it can be irritating, particularly combined with everything else you're doing. You might want to institute it later after you've adapted to the retin A. Retin a can take up to three months to work, sometimes even longer but the results are most certainly worth it. Wait at l
  12. High protein, low carb works for me. Beautifully. Not everyone will respond to the same diet, Mr. Original Poster.
  13. Ice is one common suggestion on these forums; glad you discovered it.
  14. Call your doctor soon. Accutane can cause gastrointestinal problems.