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  1. I said I would keep updating my blog, but school doesn't allow me to! Also, I've been discouraged by the results I'm seeing. Its only been 48 days, but I feel that the results I was seeing early on are fading. I excercise three times a day and drink plenty of water. I ordered my second round of the regimen. I almost quit after finishing the first round, but decided to stick with it for at least two months before deciding to change it. I will finish the products and if they don't start produci
  2. stillace

    Dan's Regimen (Acne.org)

    My progress with the acne.org regimen. I'm tired of seeing low quality photos and different lighting in each progression photo, so I will try my best to keep the same pose and lighting for my album. I started my regimen on January 21, 2010. I have hope that it will work!
  3. I would recommend using a two-bladed razor for less irritation. Also, Dan (the creator of this site) has shaving tips in the FAQ section. Adrean
  4. I agree with posts above. If you have mild to moderate acne, it will heal on its own eventually WITHOUT accutane. Accutane is for cystic, severe acne. You're only 15, meaning you're going through a lot of changes (sounds corny, but it's the truth). It's most likely hormonal acne. Try acne.org for three months. Use it consistantly, you won't see results right away (like ALL regimens). Again, try it for THREE months. Also, talk to your doctor and parents about Yasmin. I'll provide a link at t
  5. It's a cyst for sure. I've never experimented with toothpaste, but I personally wouldn't put it on my acne. Maybe buy a BP spot treatment? They have some good ones at wal mart and walgreens. I've tried Zapzyt 10% BP spot treatment, and it worked very well. The only down side is that the container is small. I believe it is only available at walgreens. Neutrogena also has good spot treatments. Good luck! Adrean
  6. Well I would recommend only washing your face twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. I work out in the mornings and shower/wash my face after. Rubbing those wipes on your face probably isn't helping either. Adrean
  7. Also, I've heard accutane can be expensive. Something to think about. I would recommend using the acne.org regimen. I'm on month 2 and it's working great!
  8. First off, I would recommend exercising at least three times a week for an hour a day! That may help you fight acne! Anyways, it would help to convince your parents if you have a dermatologist talk to them! They will explain the side effects. Make it clear to your parents that acne puts a strain on your life. Acne is no fun, especially if you are in high school. I was blessed to have relatively clear skin throughout high school. High school should be the best time of your life, but that isn't
  9. stillace

    Inexpensive Seems to help acne when taken with plenty of water during the day None Vitamin E seems to be helping me with acne. I use with the acne.org regimen and with plenty of water (4-5 liters per day!) It is also important to note that any vitamin should be taken at a consistant time everyday.
  10. Day 3: I started seeing significant results today, but I had no time to take any pictures and upload them. I will try before the end of week 1.
  11. Day 1: I'm excited about starting the Acne.org regimen! I've tried many other OTC acne products but they didn't work as well as I wanted. I will keep updating this blog. I have oily skin, for one. I do have acne on my back and chest, but it is not that big of a problem to me. My face acne bothers me very much, as I'm sure it does everyone! I drink 4-5 liters of water during the day. I excercise three times a week (MWF) in the mornings. 2 grams of Omega 3 50 mg Zinc 400 I.U Vit
  12. Hello! I would recommend washing your face after working out. The sweat on your face can cause breakouts, or so I read. Maybe try the regimen? Good day!