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  1. I wouldnt worry too much. Those settings are pretty mild although it would be good to know what level of density you had as well. Redness always fades. Just a matter of time.
  2. This is the topic where the guy with few scars posts his pics so he gets the reaction, "Wow what are you talking about you barely have any scars!". Feel better now?
  3. What settings did you have the laser on? Very important info you should find out.
  4. If you really were a nurse I'm sure you'd know that the profractional is an Erbium based laser that does not generate the heat capable of skin tightening but it seems you are more interested in selling niave people here treatments.
  5. I went to the TCC clinic and was about to get the microlaserpeel, and then I found out the lady who was going to preform it had only been doing it for 6 months, and she was only going to go 4 microns deep. 4 microns? Thats not even half as a deep as a microdermabrasion and for $350? No way. I got a chemical peel instead which goes deeper and costed less than $100. I think the reason they dropped in price for the mlp is because they now have less qualified people operating the laser.
  6. Gotta say, as bad as it is, there is something very pleasurable and gratifying about popping a big juicy zit. There is nothing more infuriating than trying to pop a zit and failing to get the puss out, just making it larger and more irritated and sore.
  7. I think alot of people avoid acne victims like they are lepars because they feel like people with acne are contaminated with some sort of skin disease that they can catch. It's not just because it looks awful. It is some kind of inate psychological fear that people have.
  8. I haven't done Artecoll (Artefill) but I have heard it's a good permanent filler. I read recently though that the company offering it has gone out of business, so if you want it, you should speak to your PS or dermatologist about it and arrange to have it quickly before they run out of their stock.
  9. Various treatments can cause fat loss. If you have experienced any fat loss there is a support group with people who have also suffered from this complication and many of them are successfully recieving treatments for it and providing a lot of great info. I'll post the link below http://dailystrength.org/groups/laser-and-...ort/discussions
  10. Good news for those torontonians who can make the trip to Buffalo. Dr. Koch in Buffalo is offering the Active/Deep Fx for $2000 USD and he seems to be a good dr getting good reviews from what I can tell. Screw Toronto. Buffalo here I come!
  11. Wrinkles. I'm in the same boat. God has a sense of humor it seems.
  12. I grew up in a small town. When I was ravage by acne I became known as the Pizza Adventure Man and everyone in the small town I grew up called me that. My peers even ordered pizza's on a nightly basis and had them delivered to my house.
  13. Thanks. That guy had his Fraxel Repair done for relatively cheap. Wonder where he had it done!