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  1. So, how have you figured all this out? I suppose you read it somewhere and accepted it as fact. However, how did the first person who came up with the "toxin" theory know it was correct? Did he open up somebody's liver and find the "toxins" there? Did the "toxins" speak to him in his head? Oh, and can you explain what these "toxins" are? Just calling it "toxins" is so vague it could be anything. As you might know, anything is toxic in the right amounts, like most vitamins, for example. If you o
  2. But will this stuff get into the sebaceous ducts where the clogging takes place? It is one thing to put something on your skin, but the clogging develops in your skin... Good luck, in any case, and please be careful...
  3. While I don't find the theory very plausible, I do not doubt it is serious research, and from what I gather, acne is not a new or modern problem. It has been with us for quite some time.
  4. Seriously, the "stones" you pass and that you see floating around in your toilet are generated by a combination of the salts and oils that you put in your mouth and your stomach acid. Real stones sink and cause a lot of pain in passing. Talk to people who have had real and detected stones. Try to get to know a doctor personally. You will soon find that they (at least many of them!) are honest, hard-working people who care more than anything about the health of their patients, and the "alternati
  5. Acne comes and goes in quite irregular patterns, so it is very easy to jump to conclusions. If you want to know what might work for you, you should try writing down your acne levels for two months while not drinking any milk, then drinking a lot of milk for two months, and compare. I did this myself, and saw no substantial difference.
  6. There have been many discussions (well, discussion in a loose sense, mostly) about this here. My opinion is that it is unscientific New Age crap. Ask any real doctor, and chances are solid that you'll get the same answer. If you must do this, try talking to your doctor about it first, so that you can avoid some of the more dangerous versions and can recognize some of the dangers.
  7. That was the reporter saying 'grease glands', not the doctor. As usual, the journalist doing the writing has no idea what he is writing about. Anyway, I work in a company that produces medical equipment, and I tell you - these things take time. Research, production, testing, government approval, and so on. The amount of red tape you have to pass to get something like this on the market is enormous. A good thing, too, since it gives some amount of quality control on the stuff that is sold as med
  8. Well, it is certainly possible that you might have a reaction to some kinds of food. Try it out and find out. I avoided all diary products, all big sources of carbohydrates and keep to a very healthy diet for a while (1-2 months, I think), then started eating a lot the same for another period, and compared - I saw no difference. In my experience stress and a lack of wellbeing contributes much more to acne outbreaks. And perhaps that is how many acne cure myths start - once you are on such a 'cur
  9. No way. Acne is not caused by too little blood circulation, and even if it was, not sleeping on a pillow wouldn't help. Also, the p.acnes bacteria that causes acne already lives inside your body in enormous quantities, in all people, and there is no need for it to enter through dirty pillows.