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  1. Why is it that when you steal from one place they call it plagiarism, and when you steal from many places they like to call it research. (:wink: ) Just kidding. Keep up with the good work Garkee.
  2. I have never actually tried this, but I remember Fatboy saying that mixing a 10% BP with 3 times the amount of a moisturiser will give you the equivalent of 2.5% BP, so bear that in mind.
  3. I think they all contain Salycilic acid. No good if you intend to stay on the regimen. BP and SA are just too irritating to be used together.
  4. You can apply BP. Prob is it bleaches and quite expensive. Try splashing cold water over problem area (to close pores) after you shower with lukewarm water. (As hot water tends to aggravate things.)
  5. Nice series. Very neat. Very informative. Are new series coming soon? Maybe "How to Use" series?
  6. Heard about that too. You could be taking all the right nutrients, eating healthy, and still get acne due to some food allergy. The best way to find out if you have any food allergy is by applying the Pulse Test to anything that passes your lips. (Common food allergies are eggs, milk, wheat, corn, nuts, and soy products.) First take your pulse at the wrist when completely relaxed. Then consume the food that you are testing for allergic reaction. Relax, do not do anything that can increase your
  7. Some say they still get 1 or 2 pimples a week. Go figure.
  8. The diet thing works really well if it's adult acne. If you are below 20(hormonal acne), it will probably not work. Also, I don't think it does anything for scars. See Scar Treatments.
  9. I ran into this really great site, just like Dan's, that explains how to eliminate your acne or at least take complete control of it through DIET. Just like Dan's I mean free. Yes free. Yes Non-commercial. It offers a really comprehensive book (FOR FREE) about how food causes acne, what food, and how to completely eliminate acne. It's all there. Here's the site: www.waisays.com, go to "no more acne" section. Tell me what all you guys think (after you read it).