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  1. QFT, but i truly believe that you also have to like your partner's appearance at least a little bit, physical attraction may not be as important as personality but it feels good when you're hot for your partner sex appeal, that's just me though. thanks.
  2. Shallow, you said in another post where I was talking about being positive, that some people just need to burn in the fires of their own personal hell so I do not see why you are here telling someone they need to grow some balls when you advocate what they are doing... Yeah dude you're right, it's just that on that other post the poster really got to me, here i can't really relate too much to what he talks about so it allowed me to pass judgement more easily; like when you see someone weaker
  3. it gets really akward if your watching it with someone else who has no acne or even worse when its a group of people, that's one of the things that makes me not want to hang out with anybody.
  4. i'm 20 and i just said that out of hate lol however, i've experienced a different treatment from people i meet since i developed my acne; acne (and this is not true) reflects a sense of lack of personal care, lack of cleaniness, and a lack of hormonal maturity. i've missed on a job opportunity due to this problem and i don't have to be a fucking genious to realize it, fat people and ugly people in general are also discriminated but that's because the world itself is shallow. say all you want t
  5. looking in the mirror is amazing when you're high on psychedelics.
  6. well not really dude, beauty is on the inside for sure, but its also taught me that looks are an important tool to survive in the real world; i'm still shallow, and if god or whoever is on top allows me to have clear skin once again, i will use my looks as a tool just like i used to before.
  7. yeah dude be like, WATS UP BITCH? YOU HAVE A NICE BOOTY THERE, MAY I TEAR THAT ASS APART? works everytime.
  8. haha call me crazy, but i wouldn't be in this website if my problem was only about 4 silly pimples.
  9. i don't know if shit is gonna get better like this guy on top is saying but apparently many people in this website are miserable and wish they were dead so you're not alone, i for once am one of those miserable shallow bastards, i think about my acne and the scars everyday for the last 3 years, it killed my personality and my life in general, cheers.
  10. yeah this guy at work told me that i should put my own cum on my face to help it heal lol i thought it was funny but it also killed me like a hundred bullets at the same time.
  11. you have the right idea, but that "screw it" part is so hard to achieve.
  12. still not as bad as: not having legs, arms, losing a son/daughter deaf, blind, mute cancer, aids, alzheimer being raped as a little kid, i know you probably didn't want to hear this bullshit but these are facts, real people suffering everyday, grow some balls please, cry if you must but don't give up.
  13. you're crazy, i admire your good spirits but for god sakes some of us need to be miserable and burn in the depths of our own hell; because it hurts so bad we need to let it out somehow. your intentions are good but its only normal to suffer from these mood swings and depression, this shit is eating us alive and we feel helpless, please understand. thank you once again for bringing positivity but most of us will rise sooner or later, until then, some us will cry, whine, and burn, its all u
  14. i don't want to help you or anything but your pessimistic words fill my heart with meaning, keep on hating your fucking acne because you will never hate your acne as much as i hate mine, no shame in being shallow, no shame in being human.
  15. he probably thinks its something to be proud of, he wants to let everyone know that you have persistent spirit and willingness to sacrifice.
  16. no no no, be like, "hey judy (or whatever her name is), i'm gonna be absent for a couple of days next week, and you seem nice, would you care to give me your number so that i can ask you what chapters i need to read?" go get her!
  17. yeah like when we're at a family reunion and i rather have a salad than a fried steak my father throws the "he does that because he's taking care of his face" and it destroys me completely inside, i smile and continue to eat my salad, be strong, but also TALK TO YOUR MOTHER ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL AND TELL HER TO STOP DISCUSING YOUR PERSONAL ISSUES.
  18. haha yeah well apparently we both carry the same desire to one day be acne-free and make everyone kiss our ass, cheers Thuglife2k5. Hey guys no shame in using makeup. it's not like guys are flawless and who doesn't want to cover their flaws? Just make sure you know what you're doing cause a boy i know would just smack the concealer on like it was lotion I do not like for people to know that i wear makeup either cause they think i have nice skin naturally well that's the
  19. i noticed that most poeple with acne try to avoid being seen by other poeple, reason why you probably don't see many of us hanging out in the hallways; i rarely see anybody with acne around my school but when i do, we look at each other for a couple of seconds and probably wonder.. "is that how i look like?" cheers.
  20. yeah i went from being me to a guy who wears hoodies most of the time for fear of being recognized by his old classmates and exes. i don't make jokes about people anymore for fear that they will get me on my acne, and lastly i feel alone and don't want to make friends with anybody, unless they seem very friendly, then they are most likely friends with losers and fat people and probably wouldn't mind being my friend too, cheers,
  21. you know something, i've been living a different life for the past 3 years but i wouldn't call it bullshit because although it destroyed my ego as a shallow human being i've gained some valuable insight from being judged by my looks rather than my feelings and values. cheers.
  22. i've: 1) stopped eating pig, beef, and any other fried meat for about 3 months (worked a little but made me weak and sick so i went back to eating meat regularly like before) 2) stopped going out on weekends for about 2 months (started going out again after but not as often) 3) used make up and i'm a guy so yeah, part of me died there too 4) stopped flirting with chicks because i obviously became very disgusting 5) tried honey, washing my face 5 times a day, drinking 10 glasses of water a d