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Status Updates posted by shallowbastard

  1. oh shut up u know ur the hot one here amelia

  2. is that so? i didnt think anyone was reading me lol how are you? i go to northestern university, perhaps you've heard of it.

  3. i knew it was gonna go well! lol i dont know if i want to post my picture yet but ill send it to ya on private :D hope it works :/

  4. lol i dunno know bout this community but the forum where you posted that is the only one i hang out on; i'm sure people already told u this but u'll be fine, you're very pretty; i'm just chillen, workin, and waiting for my books to arrive..

  5. revenga! is good! one of my favorite songs is probably lonely day.. btw, how r things? i read that u have a date on saturday ;D good luck!

  6. oh mah gawd lol they're my favoriest band since i was 13 :D, toxicity the only album i can listen to without skipping any songs, any favorite song?

  7. kewl teacher? thats a good start :D

  8. k kewl lol, nice meeting u :D

  9. sum of my favs r welcome to the machine, mudmen, high hopes and have a cigar; i know them by songs more than albums so im pretty sure ur a way bigger fan. wats up wid ur nickname lol i like tortas!

  10. well u tell me about that psychology class in a couple of weeks, im thinking about taking some psy class myself to see if thats really wat into or not

  11. my major is political science, but as in lately ive bin thinkin about psychology for some reason, wats ur major buddy?

  12. ok you're also very humble i see lol but thanks for responding some of my questions many times, i'm not too friendly sometimes so thanks.

  13. not even, i live with my pops and pay for college myself, u seem very nice, thanks for having a conversation w/ me :D

  14. i go to school in chicago, wat about u

  15. lol sorry i didnt mean it in that way, yeah i do, i already started last week, i'm about to buy my buys online right now though, wats up?

  16. i really love pink floyd too :D, wat r sum of ur favorite songs?

  17. hey man! hope things went well in first couple of days at college, see ya around :D