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  1. oh shut up u know ur the hot one here amelia

  2. i realize its hard, and it will take time, it is only right to feel like that. my point being that you don't deserve it, nobody does, i wish you the best in trying to come to the conclusion that you will be fine as long as you love yourself the way you are and accept that you're a good human being, inside and out. take care.
  3. at least you realize that most of your fears are just an illusion, work on it, think it rationally, if you're a smart individual like you say you are, and i believe it, you will get to the truth on your own, be able to see clearly, concentrate, and accept yourself.
  4. sure, i've hated myself. i've hated my self for having this condition. only through experience was i able to accept myself more. with time. it's like, if you don't love yourself, who's gonna love you? try to think "how lucky would someone be if they were my friend/partner/associate? very lucky!" see your self as worth it and deserving of having a good life.
  5. it's like this. acne is just one more condition people live with. everyone has something they're insecure about. in our case its acne, and we cannot hide it because our appearance shows it. I personally believe it is okay to feel like shit if you must, but you also gotta be able to forgive your self and accept your self. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. this was just the way life presented itself, not just for acne, but for all the things that happen to you everyday. Acne, it really is annoying, beyond h
  6. Not the most humble post I've ever seen, I'm not going to lie. haha
  7. don't worry. when i first started here at this website a lot of people didn't like me because they thought i was trollin. i guess i was annoying but with time i started to appreciate people's advice as well as they started to appreciate mine. have some fun with it, take care.
  8. Its like when you see kids that are paraplegic or have down syndrome, it really makes you think about what is really important in life. It wouldn't kill you to have little faith in your self, and that your acne will get better, for those kids who's situation is irreversable.
  9. i don't discriminate, i like them both. with or withour acne, what matters to me is that they have a pretty booty : p ... n//////////n i can't resist....
  10. i can understand where you coming from. but understand that being reckeless will not help you with your problem. instead, try to be strict about your diet and what it is that you want to accomplish. nobody will judge you, and if they do, forget them, think about your self first and then the rest. good luck.
  11. The first time I looked (myself) at the mirror after smoking some weed and being at the worst stage of my acne I thought to myself "damn, this is how i look to others?" In a way, it was pretty bad, but in another way It wasn't really that bad. It's hard to explain but I thought "If this is me, i forgive myself, and i accept myself". Sometimes you need that insight to come in terms with the condition. and learn to live with it in the hopes that one day it'll leave you to never come back.
  12. Okay so maybe i exaggerated on the pork and red meats, i can edit that. EVERYTHING ELSE I SAID I MEANT AND I LIVED BY TIL I WAS CLEARER (WHICH IS JUST RECENTLY).
  13. That's why you gotta do it from the heart, for the sake of living a healthier life, not just for the results. like when you befriend a girl just to get with her, not because of an honest friendship, if in the end you don't get the girl, you're like "fuck all in vain". the same applies here, do it not only for your acne, but for your liver, weight, heart, and more.
  14. girl, what you mean "hopefully he won't try and kiss me"? That's the best part of the date! seriously, if he agreed to go out on a date with you it probably means he already likes you no matter what. i personally like my girls with acne, i can relate to them more, but then again i like em in all forms and shapes, i love women good luck!
  15. I was once called out by my lady friend. At the time, i used to wear an acne treatment cream that was also a cover up (the cream was brown). We were hanging out and she said "are you wearing make up!?" and i said "Noooooooooo, are you crazy!?" lol.
  16. I want to assume that most of you are on a diet, but lets be honest, there is some of you (and you know who you are) who insist still in eating garbage. i know for a fact there is people out here who claim to be "eating healthy" but don't. instead, they end up sabotaging themselves in a moment of weakness because "this doesnt seem to be working anyways". i know, i've been there. i threw the towel several times out of resignation. then one day i grew strong, and stayed strict on my diet no matt
  17. fools, that aint good advise everyone, stay strict. damn im about to make a post about it. read number 3 on my sig: 3) Don't just eat a double cheese burger because you're depressed that you're diet isn't working, you'll regret it later when a pimple grows in top the pimple you already had. stay focus!
  18. No man it helped me. When i first started this acne shit i really thought i was all by myself. only after reading so many other people venting i realize that i am not alone. i've never been depressed over other's people problems but rather feel sympathy for them for going through the same shit that i'm going through.
  19. trolling? haha, how am i trolling? anyways, i didn't critize your thread, the thread was fine, it was your negative way of thinking that i thought needed a slap in the face. either way i already apologized for going harsh on you, hope you didn't take it too hard.