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  1. Alright guys, I'm 17 years old and I know that my hormones are causing my acne and because my parents passed it through. They had the same at the exact age. Diet doesn't work, vitamins, fish oil, more sun all did not work. BP totally ruined my skin (more visible scars, extreme red and dry skin) and I know all other harsh chemicals will do the same to my skin. I am wondering if there actually is an solution for acne other than outgrowing it, that doesn't involve peeling your whole skin off. I kn
  2. Is it okay to take ACV orally instead of applying it on my skin? How do you apply the protein mask, by your own hands or?
  3. Is it okay to take ACV orally instead of applying it on my skin? How do you apply the protein mask, by your own hands or?
  4. I take 1000 mg of vitamin C every day, and drink 5-6 teaspoons ACV a day, so it really should not be a problem at all! I now take fish oil capsules, and vitamin B5 to maintain a healthy oil production/sebum. I have been drinking ACV for a week now, and started fish oil and B5 yesterday, and stopped my acne.org regimen. My skin feels so much better now, it used to be red, peeling off and stuff and I feel more overall healthy/less miserable
  5. Ashleyms, Well I wait about 10 to 15 minutes sometimes a little bit shorter sometimes a little bit longer. I am going to expirement with that, see if a longer waiting time doesn't make my skin red. Cubsfan88, I used the Olay moisturizer too, it's good but damn it burns.. The weird thing is, it isn't red at all times, sometimes I have a non-red skin for a week, and then I have a red skin for a few days. I'm going to cut it down now yeah, since I'm also using 5% instead of 2,5 % (2,5% isn't av
  6. After 3 months of using the regimen, I thought the redness would be over. It isn't there at all times, sometimes it's just normal but my chin and the area arround my mouth it often gets red. It's always dry, but not when I have applied the moisturizer. My BP doesn't sting, my moisturizer does. Could it be the moisturizer that makes my skin red? I've tried 2 different ones both do the same thing. Help me out pleas
  7. Going to start this today. I will keep progress posted here and keep you guys up to date. Wish me luck edit: I just took my first glass of ACV, did 3.5 tea spoons with some strawberry juice, and I really didn't taste anything at all, no bad taste nothing. edit: I taste I have a really bad breath now
  8. If I want to take ACV orally, how many should I drink of it? Like one small glass?
  9. First post, have been hanging arround here for a while though. I've been using the Benzyl Perioxide treatment for a while now, without using a cleanser. I'm using 5 % BP (2,5% doesn't exist here), and I am using a moisturizer of Olaz. I'm using ACV to get rid of my scars, although it doesnt really work. I got a few questions for you guys: - I have noticed my breakouts are less worse now, but what can definetly stop that? - What does really help and is practical available here in the netherland