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  1. I have dark hyperpigmentation all over. Makeup doesn't even always cover it. It's so depressing. I really need to get rid of these. I had a few chemical peels, they faded a bit but it wasn't noticeable. What should I do? How many chemical peels does it take and in what intervals of time? Any particular types? My wedding is in august and I'd like to look half decent for it. Any suggestions would be enormously appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Which one do you use or prefer for acne and hyperpigmentation?? I had a 40% glycolic and my skin seemed shiny, healthy, didn't peel and less hyperpigmented. Recently I had a 20% salicylic peel because the lady said its better for acne but my skin feels very dry and its flaking like crazy, i haven't noticed any decrease in hyperpigmentation but I guess you have to wait for new skin to grow back (its also made me breakout a little). Anyway, was wondering what people prefer or what types of resul
  3. How does a TCA peel (10%) compare to 20% salicylic acid?
  4. What do you all think - Jessners vs Salicylic vs Glycolic? Which is the best peel for red spots? And how many do you have to do to notice a difference?
  5. My face is spotted due to all this hyperpigmentation - it even shows underneath my makeup sometimes:( What do you think is best way to get rid of it? Which type of peel is better? Jessners vs Salicylic vs Glycolic etc ? Also how many times do you think it will take as well?
  6. But there was a particular recommendation of a certain site and I can't seem to find it??
  7. Where do most people buy there chemical peels online? I remember a while back there was a recommendation about a lady that sells them online and gives good advice about which peels/how to use/etc but I don't remember what thread it was posted on. Anyway, any ideas would be helpful as I really really need to get rid of these acne hyperpigmentation scars and can't afford my esthetician anymore..
  8. I just paid $75 yesterday for a 20% salicylic peel. I don't notice any difference now but am wondering if anyone has tried at home peels? How do they compare to the type you get w an esthetician? I've seen some online (with good reviews) on ebay and amazon for salicylic and glycolic peels that are much more affordable. Any ideas how these compare??
  9. I heard that salicylic is the best for acne...I want something to get rid of the dark spots as well. The lady I go to is very conservative and I don't want to pay lots of money if she isn't going to do something that actually works, you know? I'm just wondering what other peoples experiences were.
  10. I went to a lady today to have a chemical peel but it was very very mild compared to what I used to get years ago - no stinging or burning and I don't feel like it made too much of a difference. I have no idea what type of peel the lady I used to go to years ago put on my skin and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should suggest to this new aesthetician to use? Salicylic acid or glycolic? If so what percentage? I have REALLY bad dark spots all over and want them gone asap:(
  11. I've been looking to try facial steaming to control/alleviate my acne:( There are a bunch on amazon and i'm not sure which one to buy. Anyone have any recommendations? Is it better to buy the type that your whole face fits into or the type with a handle? Also do the ones where your face fits in, get your neck too? I've tried steaming over a pot or with the sink but its too tedious and i just feel like i would do it more often if it were easier to get hot steam. Any help would be appreciated!!
  12. what type of filter did you use? did it have to be permanently installed or can it be removed if you move to another apt/house?