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  1. I know these little moments you are talking about. I somehow think that our acne actually enables us to perceive them in their beauty. Waiting for or reminiscing the time we'are finally free of acne and able to enjoy them.
  2. Same here. I kinda feel like I'm reborn. However, to all people that haven't cleared up yet, make the best of it and don't let acne get you down.
  3. For me AHA has helped a lot to get rid of my blackheads on the nose. BP does the rest on the ofther facial parts.
  4. I love your screenname. Douglas Adams is my favorite author and Zaphod is a true masterpiece.

    1. Yeah, why not. Just give it a try. I'm using AHA for my red marks as well, however I haven't seen major improvements in the last two weeks (sidenote: I'm not using Dan's AHA, though 10% as well). My advice: Start slowly and then increase amount and times of usage in order to avoid irritation and redness in the beginning. You might consider taking zinc as a supplement too. Tell me how it works for you.
    2. Some people have also gotten positive results from using apple cider vinegar and baking soda. You can take a look at these remedies in the red marks forum if you like natural treatments better.
    3. Yep. However that doesn't apply to red marks from acne spots. Your facial redmess from the BP should fade within 1-2 weeks though.
    4. Instead of crying you should be proud of yourself cause you managed to date him in the first place. Next time you'll have more experience on this and probably behave in a more confident way. Move on!
    5. That's an interesting point. I'm gonna try this from now on. Thanks!
    6. Don't take that too personal. He probably didn't realize that he was hurting you by saying this. For people that haven't had to deal with acne it somehow difficult to understand that. It was just meant as a joke and even though it was not funny at all, you should forgive and forget about it.
    7. Adam is right. You should stop all the irritating stuff but moisturizer for a while.
    8. Cetaphil is intended to use with dry skin. So if you have oily skin cetaphil might not be the right product for you. I use to mix it with a few drops of jojoba oil to get it in a more liquid state. You can try water as well. I apply BP and moisturizer in the order Dan suggests. Concerning greasiness you are right, but i noticed that just a little of the cetaphil lotion joined with jojoba oil goes a long way. It has its pros and cons though.
    9. Dan himself recommends these over-the-counter products: http://www.acne.org/moisturizers/rcat5/page1.html I'm currently using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion and it works well for me. However, some people say it can get greasy, but it definitively takes care of dryness.
    10. Hey, nice to meet you too. I think you are at the right place. I would suggest you to treat your active acne with the regimen that Dan, the founder of acne.org, has developed by his own experience. Just go the the frontpage and follow the tutorials on the "Get clear" pages. The regimen works best for mild to moderate acne sufferes. Once you have your acne under control you may want to take care about your red marks. You will get some useful tips in the subforums that are particulary related to t