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  1. I've never had oily skin, sorry:( I've only been off it for about a week now, and my lips are going back to normal already. Good luck:)
  2. No, just a few from acne prior to the accutane. They faded normally, and now I have a two small marks from the big breakout. I may have been misleading though, the marks are better described as light pink and almost faded - I don't think anyone but me can notice them If anyone has more questions just fire away. Luke
  3. Hi everyone. This place was a big help to me during the start of my course, thought I should post up my results. I am 19 years old, first course of accutane. Did the rounds with minomycin and other antibiotics since I was 16, they gradually wore off, and then acne got worse. My course was 40mg a day for 6 months. I weigh about 80kg, or around 160lb. The only side effects I had was dry lips, and it never got very bad. I do a lot of bodybuilding and didn't need to stop or lessen my training for
  4. I will probably to an 'official' report on my postive Accutane experience sometime soon, but for now Ill add that im somewhere in my 3rd month of 40mg a day, and i am 99% clear, and have been for a few weeks. Red marks are persistant however, may have to look into what is available to speed up the process. Oh and i used BP EVERYDAY, so thats a big +1 for the use of BP on Accutane.
  5. 1) Just on two months 2) 40mg p/day 3) Fantastic. Acne has improved dramatically.
  6. Kept me clear for over a year. Did take some time (possibly two months) until i reached that state, up until then it was a gradual decrease in the acne.
  7. Hey, im two months in and haven't gone a day without wearing them for 12 hours or more. No eyedrops either!
  8. Regarding the BP.. Im nearly two months in. I had moderate acne, approaching severe, and am now 90% clear. I have used BP all the way. My skin has never 'dried out' as such, just a big decrease in oil levels. My opinion is, if your skin doesn't dry out then I see no harm in using BP. It helps treat the symptoms, as the Accutane treats the cause. Remember, BP only dries out the area you apply it to, killing the bacteria. Dryness won't interfere with the Accutane, but if the Accu dries out your
  9. I'm under the impression that they are in the same family, meaning a resistance to one would mean a resistance to all of them. Once Mino stopped working i tried Doxy and got no results.
  10. My derm said you may notice some initial hair loss and it may just stop. I'd talk to your derm, only in extreme cases hair loss is permanent (which i am inclined to believe is NOT related to accutane, rather it was a natural occurance)
  11. Hi all, I haven't got a log started, I'd rather give an update every few weeks as opposed to every day, so I'll put it here. So far so good I'm on 40mg a day. I had the initial breakout for around a week, it surfaced mainly in week 2 + 3, and am now clearing up very quickly. My forehead has not been this clear in a long time, the breakout in the end of week three is healing nicely, and there is significantly less acne than before the treatment began. My lower face (my problem area) took s
  12. Im 'doing' it now. Ive just done my 4th week, and ive used BP all the way as my skin hasnt dried out yet. This is only for spot treating though.
  13. Its a matter of opinion, but I think its fine. If your skin is not overly dry from the Accutane, what is the harm? Spot treating won't leave your skin really dry, it should just clear up the pimple. Everyone is different though, try it out on one pimple and see how you react. Cheers
  14. Hi Mae. Im on week four right now, I noticed my lips getting drier in the second week, although I weigh 80kg and im on 40mg/day. I do spot treat my pimples still, I dont see the harm as my skin has not dried out yet - but when it does I don't think its a good idea. I did get a breakout about two weeks ago, and I kinda broke out bad for a week, im just starting to get over it now. Good luck.