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  1. I suffered from acne for years. It was moderate but persistent, I would always have "that spot here and there". After trying some topicals, like salycilic acid and BP (including proactive which made my skin even worse) I got sick and tired of it and asked my derm for Accutane (generic). She prescribed it with no hesitation, plus my insurance covered everything (Accutane+blood work+ der appointments). I was on a really high dose for 5 months (80mg/day month 1, 120mg/day the rest). The only side e
  2. Hey toffeebanoffee! I was on Accutane for 5 months and my skin was very dry and flaky until I found a great skin regimen together with my derm. I started using Avene thermal water after washing my face which worked great in reducing the redness, tightness, and burning. Then I would apply Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich moisturizer which was also amazing, leaving my skin really soft without looking shiny and oily. Avene moisturizers are non-comedogenic, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. You might give it
  3. Hey there! Well, acne is hereditary meaning that if one of your parents had it, you have a greater chance of having it as well. However, you do not inherit scars. Scars form when you do not control your acne and let the cysts damage your skin permanently. So, if you have a good skin regime and are controlling your acne breakouts, not getting inflammed cysts, and most importantly NOT PICKING on them, then the chances are that the scarring will be minimal, if any. Hope that helps. I am not a docto
  4. Hey there! I've been on a high dose Accutane (80mg/day first month and the 120 mg/4 months) 6 months ago and my skin is clear, fingers crossed (except a FEW TINY red marks which are fading!). I have to say that the dryness was quite uncomfortable but I developed my skin care routine together with my derm that kept the discomfort to minimum. And besides feeling tired a lot and a few muscle aches, I did not experience major side effects. Well, I live in Europe so I am not sure if you can get th
  5. I was on generic Accutane for almost 6 months and it worked great! I am still clear after 6 months off it, knock on wood, and all I am left with are a few tiny red marks that are fading away! Well, I am studying Pharmacology at uni so dealing with drugs pretty much every day. All I can say is that generic drugs have to have the same ACTIVE ingredient as the original formulation, and in case of Accutane it is Isotretinoin. That means generic drugs are identical to the brand name drug when it com
  6. Hey, I am new here and this is actually my very first post. I finished my accutane course almost 6 months ago, and even now I cannot drink as much as I used to before taking it. I remember that I could go out and have a drink almost every night (when I was studying at uni) and I could have a lot of alcohol without feeling sick and then hangover the next day. I did not drink at all when I was on accutane though, as I was on a really high dose (120 mg/day and it did really put stress on my liver