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Status Updates posted by Keffco

  1. Hey, cheers! So, I assume that you're Bulgarian?

    1. sounds cool, yeah, you should def ask your derm to up your dose if you can handle the dryness....I was on a really high dose 80mg 1st month and then 120mg 4 months, which is a lot since I weigh 65kg...but it seemed to be working but my skin was extremely dry.

      1. currently, i am almost 6 months post-tane and I am clear, knock on wood. no meds at all just washing my face and moisturizing 2 times a day. feels good, but it was a loooooong way. you're on tane as well?

        1. hey there. I'm alright, bored at work so basically checking things online...thanks for adding me as a friend. what are you up to?