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  1. I wanted to give an update on my crusade to cure acne the natural way. My skin is looking MUCH better than when I first posted in January. Currently, I'm not on any prescription medication or birth control. I think that most prescription medications, birth control pills, and antibiotics are poisoning our bodies! I started using Vitex (chaste berry) in a 80mg dose and it has done wonders for balancing my hormonal acne. I had not had a period in 6 months and within 30 days of taking Vitex, my pe
  2. I'm also thinking about starting a new vitamin regimen and wonder if it matters if you take all the vitamins in one capsule or if they work better taken as individual pills. Naturally Clear brand makes a skin supplement that has most of the vitamins listed in this thread. I think the only one missing is the Fish Oil. I have not tried the Naturally Clear brand supplement yet, so any advice on choosing a vitamin brand would be helpful. What brands have you had the best luck with? It's funny that