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  1. thanks everyone, i really appreciate the support. to answer your question.... yea if i skip a couple days of the regimen, i get a few zits. i've been trying to order online (cuz it's cheaper) and i had to go about a week without BP. i used what i had left of my Differin gel and MAN i got like6 big bumps on my jawline. that's really the only place i get zits now though.... i think it's mostly a female hormone thing hope that answers your question. i'll try to get some pics soon!
  2. Hey people, I still can't find my digital camera Hopefully I'll get a new one for Xmas!! Anyway, I found some pictures from August.... These are taken with minimal makeup on (I usually don't wear much) Enjoy I've been pretty clear, but sometimes I get a stubborn bulge or two Check out the Yahoo! Photo Album http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/scandalou....dir=/My+Photos
  3. damn, i can't find my digital camera!! ugh....i'll keep you posted
  4. Hey everyone Sorry I've been missing for a while! My life is so great right now. I got a job doing something I LOVE for an amazing company.... right out of college. I'm still living in Florida and loving it. As far as my acne goes, it's pretty much gone. I still have a pimple or two that pop up (usually around that time of the month) but for the most part I've stayed clear. I think now I will start to grow out of it and be done w/ acne forever. I'm on a dial-up connection right no
  5. hey guys, thanks for all the compliments i'm really loving my face right now! haha i find out tomorrow if i get the job i've been waiting for..... so wish me luck. yes, that last pic is with makeup, i wanted to give you guys a sense of what my face looks like when i go out. i'll take a couple w/o makeup tomorrow morning
  6. Ack!!! I've been gone so long I guess, in a way, that's a good thing. I'll shut up now and just post these pictures.
  7. hey, i workout a lot too and i'm on the regimen. whenever i need to wash the sweat off my face i always put a good amount of BP on.... but not as much as i do in the morning and at night. just enough to work until the next time i wash my face. hopefully that makes sense
  8. alrighty, i'm back. i wanted to take some more pictures today and guess what? i have a zit that's forming!!!1 nooooooooo hopefully i'll be able to get rid of it soon because i'm going on a dinner date thursday! in these pictures you can see the red marks from zits.... my skin is not totally fixed, but once i put on makeup you can't tell. i feel a lot more confident without makeup now.
  9. thanks so much, it really means a lot to know that my message thread has helped people....or given you hope.
  10. I think that a little sun is alright.... it makes your skin dry up and look healthier, but too much sun can have disasterous effects. That is how I first got acne. I got a horrible burn and my face was peeling.....ever since then I've had acne. Now that I'm on Dan's regimen, I'm finally clear.
  11. it was hard for me to be around little kids, because they're so honest. i volunteered in a pre-school class for school and one little boy said to me, what's that on your face? what are those bumps? and i said, freckles and then i tried to change the subject.
  12. hey frank, maybe you should try dan's regimen. it worked so well for me (http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=1563 that's my thread) and you look like you have similar acne. it's not TOO SEVERE, but it's obviously there. if the clear pore stuff doesn't work out, i suggest you start using BP. might as well give it a try right??
  13. okay.... more pictures!!!!! i'm still clear, i get one or two pimples every now and then, but they never come to a head because i always zap them with more BP. i started using more (like 1 to 1.25 fingers of BP). check them out. remember that i have freckles.... more of the spots on my face are freckles... you can see some of the scarring too, but it is very light.
  14. if i miss even one evening, i'll see a pimple forming the next day.
  15. begone -- i'm glad that my message thread gave you hope!! i think acne is hit or miss. and one regimen may not cure everyone. but if you take the time to experiement with products and treat your face gently and with care, you will find something. I have always been an athlete and a tomboy, so I do not apply that much makeup.... usually just powder, mascara, eyeliner, and a little lip gloss. That's when i'm going out. I don't think it will worsen your acne. Just try a little bit and then