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    Alex and Accutane

    Begging and end of accutane treatment
  2. Well im sure most people could care less, its just myself that gets in the way.
  3. Appreciate the words of encouragement, but i would really just stand a much better chance if it would just go away, i mean i would like my last year of high school to be one with a clear face.
  4. Tell me about it, its not even all my friends that decided to stop coming around, its my own insecurity for the bullshit. Iv isolated myself for the past few years, it really sucks, ill get a girlfriend here and there but once it starts getting worse than the norm i feel obligated to break up with her.
  5. It seems I'm the only one in the world with acne. Out of the 2800 kids i go to school with i have some of the worst acne. I can act like i don't notice it all day long, but in reality I'm tormented by it ever second. Its all i think about. I try to avoid.. even my friends at all costs. I mean really though, why me, I'm pretty sure i take better care of my skin than 95% of the kids at that school yet I'm burdened with a plether of blemishes on my face. Its nice to come on here and read others sto
  6. Nah, i really haven't thought about doing it again, all i really got the first time a was some dry skin and chapped lips.
  7. Well, first off I'm a Jr. in high school. I have had progressively bad acne since 8th grade. The stress level in my life is quite substantial. Work and school probably take a pretty large toll on my acne, but neither are really optional. I saw a dermatologist for a couple years and tried quite a few medications, Differin, benzoclyn, retin-a, doxycycline, clindamyacin, acne free, proactive, acutane. All of them really just made the situation worse. For about 3 months or so now iv been on over the