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  1. I just went out to my walgreens and bought the AHA. I think if you are ABLE to try your local walgreens and you might be lucky enough and they might have it in stock! it makes my skin extra smooth! I love it!
  2. well for my I use like a pea size for like each section of my face....I try to use it sparingly but i still want to cover all of my face! so it's really depends on you and your face! My skin is pretty use to it i guess but take it easy the first couple of weeks! I use St. Ives apricot scrub for the peeling. and i wait about 15 mins AFTER i put on retin a to moisturize.
  3. for those constantly asking when to put on the ACV toner there are three reasonable choices ONE Before you wash your face, but you have to leave it on for about 15 minutes before you wash your face. (this is the one I do) I can't stand knowing my face will smell if any water gets on it so I do this TWO If you are brave enough to face the world when water hits your face and it smells really bad then you can put it on before you put on BP, remember to wait about 15 minutes so it will dry. THRE
  4. I'm on the same thing as you! Make sure you are moisturizing after. As for the red marks, i don't know how sensitive your skin is but go out and buy ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar and mix in it a bottle, half ACV and half water. Use it as a toner before you wash your face! It's only been a COUPLE of days and I've been keeping a picture progress and WOW. The scars are fading FAST test it on your face before you fully put it on
  5. I'm IN! definitely going to try my best to NOT pick my face or TOUCH my face unless it's applying retin a or moisturizing yaay
  6. look out for texas! it's WAYYYY too hot and humid down here! but it's been raining constantly so you might be in luck have fun on your trip! vacation = no stress = HOPEFULLY no break outs
  7. I would get St. Ives Apricot scrub! it makes the little bumps on my skin go away. BUT!!! keep in mind that when you do use it DO NOT press hard and aggravate your skin, or else you will break out even worse. If you are insured I would try and get Retin A since that removes a couple of layers of skin and might allow your clogged pores to finally be de-clogged!
  8. It might be because Retin A drys your skin which makes you produce more oil IF you don't use moisturizer! Try getting a moisturizer with oil control
  9. Retin A gets rid of some layers of the skin which exposes the dirt which was harbored in the pore. Thus making it come to the surface and you are breaking out. If you had little acne I don't know why your derm even prescribed you retin A. I would stick with it. Yeah I am breaking out a lot as well but it goes away a lot faster than usual and my skin is smooth! Also the scars are hopefully fading. If you don't feel comfertable with continue using Retin A then I would wait until you've reached t
  10. Actually Benzoyl Peroxide DOES interfer with Retin A since it oxidizes Retin A and make it basically useless. So I would switch your face wash to something else, you'll probably start flaking so you should try St. Ives Apricot scrub. If you do get that face wash make sure you do NOT scrub hard or else it causes irritation and might make you break out.
  11. OMG I use to have these all the time! and when the pimple goes away there's still like a bump in the ear lobe! what worked wonders was Retin A, i put a lot on it and then after the pimple poped the next day this little clear clump came out! and my ear was smooth once again!
  12. Note to everyone: Do not SWIM in open waters without chlorine. Wow, I went swimming in a river the past week and BAM break out like crazy! My face is REALLY REALLY smooth. I'm switching between St. Ives Approcot scrub as well as Murad Cleanser I still don't know which one is better but the St. Ives makes my face SOOOOOo smooth! I'm starting to keep a webcam picture progress on the daily but i'll post weekly so the results will show more. My right side is a lot worse than my left side. I'm jus
  13. I had the exact same thing happen to me with the burning. i let me skin rest for a day (no retin a micro or anything just with moisterizer) and I applied Retin A micro every other night and my skin was a lot less irritated! So just let your skin relax and cut the dosage back!
  14. i would use st. ivs apricot face scrub but you have to do it gently, also moisturize after you wash your face