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  1. Hey everyone. My skin has been quite temperamental lately. My friend gave me some Veltin Gel to use and I LOVE it, but I cannot pay for a derm visit right now. I have insurance, but we have to pay everything out of pocket until we hit out deductible. Question 1: Will a regular doctor prescribe acne creams if you ask for them specifically? Question 2: Does anyone have any sample bottles that I could purchase from you to hold me over?
  2. You may have a form of Body Dysmorphia. I have it and this is how I feel on a daily basis. Hideous, like a monster. I simply can't understand how others could look at me most days and not see the monstrosity that I see. It almost makes me feel crazy some days. Yes, some days are better than others, but most days I have something about myself physically that makes me feel extremely repulsive. Please look up Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it may help you understand if this is your issue.
  3. I'm so frustrated lately, so many little spots popping up everywhere, along with super oily skin. I hate when people are so ignorant as to say that acne is just a teenage thing...I'm 25 years old now, and the only thing that makes my face behave is BCP, which causes other side effects that I'd rather not deal with. It's such a never-ending battle. Easy to feel hopeless.
  4. Hi all. I'm extremely frustrated, my skin looks pretty terrible when I'm not on the "right" BCP. However, other than the possible skin benefits, I can't deal with all the other terrible side-effects. I already broke down once and started taking it again because I was so fed up with my skin, I don't want to do that again. What can I do to help my skin that doesn't involve BCP? I believe the main problem is the horrible oiliness, because if it wasn't for that, I don't think the acne would show
  5. This is rude. You don't know my struggles. Everyone is different. I had terrible, terrible acne in my youth that has scarred my psyche. No, I don't have terrible acne now, I use BCP to control it. It doesn't mean I'm happy with the condition of my skin.
  6. You are all so incredibly sweet, I feel like I always go through these bouts of feeling absolutely awful about my skin. Acne.org has been a safe haven, thanks to all of the wonderful people on here who offer nothing less than kind words. <3
  7. Hey all. I'm not really sure what to say, just that I am feeling really low again lately about the condition of my skin. Some days I think it's fine, other days I feel like a monster with the ugliest skin ever. I don't know what to do. It's hard to talk to anyone that I actually know in real life, because I feel like people lie to make you feel better. Sometimes, it would be nice just to hear some true honesty. I guess that's kind of what I'm looking for. I don't want to be unrealistic about the
  8. Hi ladies, I started taking Kelnor (generic of Zovia/Demulan). This is a high estrogen pill, since those typically help acne. However, the older I get, the more I worry about my health and the more research I do, the more it seems like BC and synthetic hormones are awful for women. How do you feel? I'm also trying to get in the best shape of my life and I've read that estrogen increases fat cell size, breaks down connective tissue, and increases cellulite. I'm so torn, I want so badly to have cl
  9. Yikes! What happened when you stopped taking it?
  10. kmichellemiller

    Safyral Bcp: Has Anyone Tried This?

    My doctor just gave me Safyral to try, does anyone have any experience with this BCP? What were the affects? Did it help your acne? Thanks!
  11. To those who have had a chemical peel or multiple chemical peels, can you please provide some insight? I have done quite a few chemical peels from MUAC, but I still like to hear other people's knowledge and experience with peels. Is it typical for skin to look worse after a chemical peel? How long is the actual healing process even after the flaking skin has gone away? Do the peels really bring scarring to the surface making it more obvious? If so, is that permanent or how long does it stay? Can
  12. So, I'll be 25 this year and I always really hoped that my skin would behave later in life. Each year that passes, I lose a little more hope at that actually happening. I'll just never have great skin. That's a fact. However, the last time my skin was at it's clearest since being a child was in high school when I started Ortho Evra (The Patch). Since then, I've tried many other types of birth control. I can't remember any of them controlling my acne like the patch did. Then, they said all those
  13. Hi! I've been doing a series of 40% glycolic acid peels and also did one 12.5% TCA peel. I did my 40% glycolic peel 5 days ago and I did two rounds. My skin tolerates this low strength peel pretty well, I'm not a very sensitive skinned person. However, it seems like this time it was too much. The areas that took it the worst were my chin area and a small area on the side of the bridge of my nose. Now, it's looking like I might have brown PIH in those spots:(. Will this go away? I'm a bit mad at
  14. I ordered Skin Bio's Super CP Serum. I've been doing research...it seems people have the most luck with CP's helping scarring, discoloration and acne while using them in conjuction with peels. Which type of peel should I be choosing? I'd like any advice I can get and any insight into personal experiences. I am planning to order from makeupartistschoice.com. Glycolic Peels, Lactic, TCA, Salicylic? HELP!: )
  15. you look like Kate Middleton a little bit :)