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  1. I know I rarely post, but I do lurk a lot. Anyway, I decided to try black soap to treat facial acne. That turned out to be a terrible plan, as I ended up breaking out even worse than before because the combo of it and bp just didn't play well together. But because I still had most of the pound I'd ordered, I decided to use it in the shower. I thought it would just get me clean, nothing more. But I've noticed that my back and chest are a lot smoother (i.e. no pimples except for the healing b
  2. The problem with combining the use of hydroquinone and benzoyl peroxide is that it can cause more darkening. I prefer to use a scrub made of baking soda and epsom salts (mixed in a cup and poured into the palm of my hand, just add water) after I wash with cetaphil and then apply apple cider vinegar after rinsing and let it air dry. This treatment has helped a lot in exfoliating. The epsom salts also help existing zits heal more quickly.
  3. This may be sad and/or an indicator of just how broke and desperate I am, but I'm half-tempted to stop the regimen for a couple of days or so (that's all it takes for me to break out) and actually take the time to do before pics.
  4. I just use baking soda and acv. I live in a dorm and would rather not waste egg yolks, plus waste disposal would be an issue. The baking soda is used as a scrub twice a day. I put on acv right after my face has dried. I've found that if I stop the baking soda, then I get flakier than a leper; acv alone just doesn't cut it.
  5. I've found that when I apply more than a finger and a half, I get the little balls forming on my face. So maybe there's a threshold beyond which balls form and it doesn't dry clear. Three fingers seems like an awful lot.
  6. After my skin stopped being irritated by the bp, I just added diluted acv to my regimen so that I'd combat both the acne and marks. It's worked fairly well for me so far. I think clarity is in the eye of the beholder, though. Even when my skin looks completely clear, looking at it up close shows some tiny bumps. So I'm just aiming for smooth-looking skin. As long as it looks healthy, I'm happy.
  7. The vinegar method works well for some, I believe. I've been doing it for months now and my younger sister asked me how I managed to clear up all my marks.
  8. I looked at Eckerd, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target, etc. and didn't find it. And I did this in three cities (Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville). Methinks they hate TN (and I wouldn't blame them, either). On a more serious note, just go to drugstore.com, if you want to pay $11 a bottle. It lasts a while for me; I'm still on the first bottle I ordered back in September or October.
  9. I'm not that desperate for clear skin. I'm more or less clear now, but even if I wasn't...no way. I'm sure my response would be the same if it was cystic or nodular. That's what accutane is for, even if it does have unpleasant side effects. But, at least urine is sterile.
  10. I've been lurking more often than posting here, and I decided to try the epsom salts. They work. I still use bp, but I've switched to a lower concentration (5%) and only use it once a day. My revised regimen: Morning: wash with a cetaphil knock-off cleanser (walmart brand) scrub very gently with a mixture of baking soda and epsom salts. the salts alone disintegrated in my wet hands and were just too hard to work with. the baking soda helps to exfoliate, and helps bind the salts or somethin
  11. No, this isn't one of those ubiquitous miracle cream/snake oil threads, before anyone asks. I was reading an acne community on livejournal and one poster mentioned the possibility of using zinc oxide (diaper rash cream) directly on active acne, so I tried it because the science behind it makes sense. All diaper rash cream is is a zinc oxide ointment. Neosporin has a zinc compound in it for the same reason, but at least with diaper rash cream, you don't get the antibiotics if you feel you don'
  12. In some rare instances, hydroquinone can increase hyperpigmentation.
  13. If you want to speed healing, try using zinc oxide on your skin. It's been used as sunblock for years, but the zinc will help your skin heal itself.
  14. I've got to agree with the other two posters. I mean, I have no qualms whatsoever about wearing the LiveStrong bracelet (I own one and wear it normally), but acne? Smacks of proto-PCness to me... Just my 2 cents, though.