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  1. how long did it take for differn to start working for you?? my acne isn't awful, but i can tell it is getting increasingly worse, and i've been trying different regimens, and at first they all seem to work and then they stop. my doc gave me differn last year, but i tried it once and didn't use it again because i feel safe with BP. i know it won't destroy my skin (though my skin tone is awful because of the BP). so i just wanted to hear your experience with differn. thanks
  2. I have read through the reviews, but has anyone used Clinique's 3 step program? success? complete failure? I'm starting to get really deseparate. I just keep breaking out....and my forehead is BRIGHT red right now...the whole thing even though I only have 1 small small pimple on it. So anyone suggest Clinique? or anything else? I used to use Proactiv but I think my face grew out of that...my pimples are stronger now